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Clarice J. Coyne
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Contact Information

     59 Johnson Hall, WSU
     Pullman, WA 99164-6402




  Ph. D. Horticulture
Department of Horticulture
Oregon State University, Corvalis, OR.
  M.S. Horticulture
Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR.
  B.S. Plant Science
University of California


Professional Experience

1998 - Present Cool Season Food Legume Curator
USDA-ARS Western Regional Plant Introduction Station
Pullman, WA

Cool Season Food Legume Curator for Pisum, Lens, Cicer, Lupinus, Lathyrus, Vicia, and Trigonella collections, with responsibilities for acquiring, preserving, evaluating, documenting, improving, and distributing crop germplasm. Current research involves: mapping and characterization of plant disease resistance genes in pea and chickpea; genomic approaches to plant germplasm characterization.

1995 - Present Adjunct Scientist
Department of Crop and Soil Sciences
Washington State University
Pullman, WA
1999 - Present Graduate School Faculty
Washington State University
Pullman, WA
2000 - Present Adjunct Scientist
Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Washington State University
Pullman, WA
1995 - 1999 Post-Doctoral Research Geneticist
USDA-ARS Grain Legume Genetics and Physiology Research Unit
Pullman, WA


Selected Publications

McPhee K.E., D.A. Inglis, B. Gundersen and C.J. Coyne. 2010. Mapping a resistance gene for Fusarium wilt Race 2 on LG IV of Pea (Pisum sativum L.). Plant Breeding (accepted with revisions).

Timmerman-Vaughan, G., Larsen, R., Murray, S., McPhee, K., Coyne, C. 2009. Evidence that Pea enation mosaic virus is seed-borne but not seed transmitted. Phytopathology 99:1281-1288.

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Robertson N.L. and C.J. Coyne. 2009. Evaluation of USDA Lupinus sp. collection for seed-borne potyviruses. Plant Genetic Resources: Characterization and Utilization 7:227-229.

Robertson N.L. and C.J. Coyne, 2009. First Report of Bean yellow mosaic virus from Diseased Lupinus luteus in Eastern Washington. Plant Disease 93:319.

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Redden R.J., B.J. Furman, H.D. Upadhyaya, R.P.S. Pundir, C.L.L. Gowda, C.J. Coyne and D. Enneking. 2007. Biodiversity Management in Chickpea, p. 355-368. In: R. Redden, W. Chen, B. Sharma, Y. Yadav (eds.). Chickpea Breeding and Management. CABI Publishing, Oxfordshire, UK.

Redden B., N. Maxted, B. Furman, C. Coyne. 2007. Lens Biodiversity, p. 11-22. In: S.S. Yadav, D. McNeil, P.C. Stevenson (eds). Lentil: An Ancient Crop for Modern Times. Springer, New York.

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Furman, B.J., Ambrose, M., Coyne, C.J. and Redden, B. 2006. Formation of PeaGRIC: An international consortium to co-ordinate and utilize the genetic diversity and agro ecological distribution of major collections of Pisum. Pisum Genetics 38: 32-34.

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