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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

Research Personnel Timeline

Name Position Dates
George Mitchell Asst. Agronomist, Superintendent (USDA) 1928-1948
J. Foster Martin Asst. Agronomist 1934-1950
Merrill M. Oveson Agent (USDA, OSU)
Superintendent (USDA, OSU)
Jack T. McDermid Agent 1943-1944
Francis H. McNeal Asst. Agronomist 1947-1948
Theo. R. Horning Agricultural Engineer 1949-1964
Cleveland J. Gerard Asst. Soil Scientist (USDA, OSU) 1954-1957
Donald W. George Asst. Agronomist 1954-1965
John Slosser Agricultural Engineer 1955-1957
Charles M. Smith Soil Scientist 1957-1961
Robert E. Ramig Soil Scientist
Location Leader
Ronald W. Rickman Soil Scientist 1969-2001
Paul E. Rasmussen Soil Scientist 1971-1999
Raymond R. Allmaras Supervisory Soil Scientist
Research Leader
Technical Advisor
Clyde L. Douglas, Jr. Soil Scientist 1975-2001
Betty L. Klepper Supervisory Plant Physiologist
Research Leader
Joseph L. Pikul, Jr. Soil Scientist 1976-1991
Clarence E. Johnson Agricultural Engineer 1977-1979
Gerald O. George Agricultural Engineer 1977-1980
John F. Zuzel Hydrologist 1979-1995
Dale E. Wilkins Agricultural Engineer 1979-2003
Harold P. Collins Soil Microbiologist 1987-1991
Stephen L. Albrecht Soil Microbiologist 1992-2009
John D. Williams Hydrologist 1995-present
Stewart B. Wuest Soil Scientist 1997-present
Mark C. Siemens Agricultural Engineer 1999-2008
Amos I. Bechtel Agricultural Scientist 2000-2002
Hero T. Gollany Soil Scientist 2002-present
Dan S. Long Supervisory Agronomist
Research Leader
Catherine L. Reardon Microbiologist 2010-present

Last Modified: 8/30/2016
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