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Scientists, Collaborators, and Stakeholders

Meet the Scientists at the Pendleton Agricultural Research Center.

Here you can read more about each scientists' affiliations, disciplines, and interests. You may also click on the name of each scientist you are intered in to find out more about their background, past research, current activities, and how to contact them.

USDA-Agricultural Research Service
Dan Long Research Leader and Agronomist
Precision conservation, evaluation of site-specific resource management for improving cropping input efficiency, agronomic returns, and environmental quality in soil conservation systems.
Hero Gollany Soil Scientist
Impact of farming systems on soil physical properties and processes, biochemical processes that influence carbon and plant nutrient cycling, and using process-based models for studying interactions within the soil-water-plant-air continuum.
John Williams Hydrologist
Evaluation of agronomic production systems for soil and water conservation, prediction of run-off and soil erosion by water at field and watershed scales using hydrologic models.
Kate Reardon Microbiologist
Soil microbial activity as it relates to residue decomposition, nutrient cycling, cropping systems, and soil properties, especially soil quality.
Stewart Wuest Soil Scientist
Soil and residue management for improved water storage, crop yields, soil quality, and erosion control.

Oregon State University
Mary Corp OSU Director and Professor
Extension education for dryland cropping systems with focus on soil and water conservation, insect pests, new varieties, organic wheat production and alternative crops.
Christina Hagerty Dept. of Botany and Plant Pathology – Cereal Pathologist
Biology and control of soil-borne plant-pathogenic fungi and nematodes that limit yields of dryland wheat production.
Judit Barroso Dept. of Crop and Soil Science - Weed Scientist
Weed control in diverse cropping systems, and effects of crop management on population dynamics of weeds.
Richard Smiley Emeritus Professor of Plant Pathology, and former OSU Center Director
Biology, identification and control of diseases caused by soil-borne plant-pathogenic fungi and plant-parasitic nematodes.
Stephen Machado Dept. of Crop and Soil Science - Dryland Cropping Systems Agronomist
Cropping systems, alternative crops, plant-water-relations, drought tolerance, crop physiology, precision agriculture, and manager of long-term agronomic experiments at Pendleton and Moro.

Liasion Committee

Our research is planned in consultation with many people outside of ARS to ensure that it is relevant to priority needs. The joint OSU-ARS Pendleton Research Center Liaison Committee is comprised of growers and university extension personnel representing the dryland agricultural interests of northeast Oregon and southeast Washington. The committee members listed below provide invaluable input to research programs and ways that ARS can better serve agriculture in these geographic areas.

Member Affiliation
Nathan Rea Chair Liaison Committee
HT Rea Farming Corporation
Chris Williams Vice-chair Liaison Committee
Farm Manager, RD Johns Farm, Inc.
Ben Maney Maney-West Farms
Blake Rowe CEO Oregon Wheat Commission, Oregon Wheat Growers League
Chris Kontos Kontos Company
Clint Carlson 4C Ranches
David Brewer Emerson Dell Farm
Greg Goad Goad Ranches
Jack DeWitt
Jerry Zahl Former Chair
Ken Klinger Klinger Farms
Kevin Hudson CTUIR Farm Manager
Paul Carter WSU Extension
Seth Small Small's Family Farm