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WinFlume is an application used to design and calibrate long-throated flume and broad-crested weir flow measurement structures. Long-throated flumes have received increased emphasis in recent years as a practical, low-cost, flexible means of measuring open-channel flows in new and existing canal systems (Reclamation, 1997). Features include a design optimization scheme, integrated printing of full-scale wall gauges, a system for saving, retrieving, and sharing flume designs with other users, and an online help system.


Current Version: WinFlume


WinSRFR is a hydraulic analysis tool for surface irrigation systems.  The software combines simulation, evaluation, operational analysis, and design functionalities. Intended users are irrigation specialists, extension agents, researchers, consultants, students, and farmers with moderate to advanced knowledge of surface irrigation hydraulics.  WinSRFR 4.1 is the fourth major release of the software.  The new version offers a reprogrammed simulation engine, an application programming interface, batch simulation capabilities, and enhancements to the user interface.


Current Version: WinSRFR 4.1.2


Last Modified: 10/1/2017
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