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Risk Assessment in Transgenic Crops (since 2005)
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Impacts of Bt transgenic cotton on integrated pest management. (PDF) (PDF) (PDF) (PDF)

Impact of Bt crops on life history of natural enemies using resistant of non-susceptible prey

  • Zelus renardii (PDF)

  • Orius insidiosus (PDF) (PDF)

  • Geocoris punctipes (PDF)

  • Cotesia marginiventris (PDF)

  • Chrysoperla rufilabris (PDF)

  •  Coleomagilla maculata (PDF)

  • Amblyseius andersoni (PDF)

The end of a myth Bt (Cry1Ab) maize does not harm green lacewings (PDF)

Does the growing of Bt maize change populations or ecological functions of non-target animals: A systematic review protocol. (PDF)

Meta-analyses of the impacts of Bt crops on non-target organisms and insecticide use patterns. (PDF) (PDF) (PDF)

Long-term assessment of the effects of transgenic Bt cotton on the abundance and function of non-target arthropod natural enemies. (PDF) (PDF)