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Biological Control (since 2005)
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Methyl salicylate fails to enhance biological control (PDF)

Novel insecticides support conservation biological control in cotton (PDF)

GM crops support biological control (PDF)

Retrospective analysis of a classical biological control program (PDF)

Quantifying conservation biological control for management of Bemisia tabaci (PDF)

Comparative toxicities of newer and conventional insecticides against four generalist predator species (PDF)

Natural enemy impacts on Bemisia tabaci dominate plant quality effects in the cotton system (PDF)

Methodology for developing life tables for sessile insects (PDF) (Video)

Long-term dynamics of aphelinid parasitoids attacking Bemisia tabaci. (PDF)

Economic value of biological control in IPM. (PDF) (PDF)

Biological control of cotton pests in China. (PDF)

Top down and bottom up effects on Bemisia tabaci in cotton. (PDF)

Conservation biological control of Bemisia tabaci in cotton. (PDF)

Mortality dynamics and population regulation in Bemisia tabaci. (PDF) (PDF) (PDF)

Compatibility of insecticides with natural enemies of agricultural pests. (PDF) (PDF) (PDF)

Intraguild predation on a parasitoid of Bemisia tabaci by three generalist predators (PDF)

Gut content ELISAs to measure whitefly predator feeding activity after field exposure to insecticides. (PDF)

Post-release evaluation of the biological control of Bemisia tabaci in the USA (PDF)