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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

Thomas Z Davis (Zane)

Research Molecular Biologist




Poisonous Plant Research Lab

1150 E 1400 N

Logan, UT 84341












    2006     PhD     Biochemistry, Chem/Biochem; Utah State University

    1999      BS       Biology, Biology; Utah State University



  Isocoma pluriflora                (rayless goldenrod)

  Eupatorium rugosum                (white snakeroot)

  Selenium Accumulating Plant                Woody Aster

Research Interests


The mechanisms of toxicity of natural toxins on livestock. Specifically, differences in toxicity and nutrition of different forms of selenium and the mechanism of toxicity of the benzofuran ketone compounds found in white snakeroot and rayless goldenrod.



Significant Accomplishments 

  •  Determined the toxicokinetics in sheep, of selenium forms commonly found in selenium-accumulating plants ( Astragalusspp. and Asterspp.) that cause toxicity in livestock. 
  •  Speciated the forms of selenium found in selenium-accumulating plants that grow on seleniferous soils.
  • Developed a Spanish goat model to determine the relative toxicity of the putative toxins (tremetone, dehydrotremetone, 3-hydroxytremetone, and 3-oxyangeloyl-tremetone) from white snakeroot and rayless goldenrod.

Last Modified: 8/12/2016
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