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Kip Panter
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Poisonous Plant Research Lab
1150 E 1400 N
N Logan, UT 84341




PhD     1983    Toxicology, Veterinary Biosciences, University of Illinois

MS      1978    Reproductive Physiology, ADVS, Utah State University

BS       1975    Animal Science, ADVS, Utah State University



lupinus sulphureus (Sulfur lupine)      
Lupinous sulphureus
(sulfur lupine)
Cattle grazing
lupine pastures
crooked calf
Goat surgery:
cleft palate repair


Research Interests:

The effects of poisonous plants and natural toxins on reproduction in livestock including embryonic and fetal growth and development.


Significant Accomplishments:

  • Determine that locoweeds cause reproductive dysfunction in livestock and characterized the effects in sheep and cattle.
  • Evaluated alkaloids from larkspur in mouse bioassays and determined structure activity relationship.
  • Developed a Spanish goat model to determine the mechanism of action of lupine-induced "crooked calf syndrome" in cattle, evaluated the toxicity of 10 alkaloid teratogens and their structure activity relationship.
  • Callaborate with Lahey Clinic Medical Center on the biomedical application of the goat model to improve treatment of cleft palate in children.

Last Modified: 9/25/2017
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