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Kevin Welch

Res Toxclgst









Poisonous Plant Research Lab

1150 E 1400 N

N Logan, UT 84341















      Post-Doc Fellowship         2002-2005       Molecular and Cellular Toxicology Section                                                                         National Heart Lung and Blood Institute                                                                        National Institutes of Health

      PhD                                   2002               Toxicology, Chemistry & Biochemistry;

                                                                       Utah State University

      BS                                     1997               Environmental Biology, Biology;                                                                        Utah State University





       Cylcops lamb exposed to  Veratrum californicum in utero

Veratrum californicum

  Delphinium barbeyi

  Oxytropis sericea




Research Interests


To evaluate the toxicity of plant toxins in livestock, describe the toxicokinetics of plant toxins, characterize the molecular alterations due to plant toxins, identify diagnostic biomarkers of intoxication, including the degree and duration of intoxication, and develop methods to predict a prognosis for recovery.


Significant Accomplishments


  •  The toxicokinetic profiles of several toxic plant alkaloids were characterized.
  • A rodent model to study animal to animal variation in the susceptibility to larkspur toxicosis was developed and partially characterized.
  • Characterized the role of the less toxic, but often times more abundant, MDL-type alkaloids on the toxicity of larkspur plants.
  • The craniofacial deformities induced by Veratrumcalifornicum were better described, the window of susceptibility to synophthalmia formation was more closely defined and cyclopamine toxicokinetics in sheep were characterized.

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