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Plant Toxicology (1984)

Edited by: A.A. Seawright, M.P. Hegarty, L.F. James, and R.F. Keeler

Published by: Dominion Press - Hedges & Bell, Melbourne, 1985, 625 pages, ISBN 0-7242-1217-1


I.  Poisonous Plants: Economic and General Aspects:

  • Economic Loss Due to Poisonous Plants in Australia (C.C.J. Culvenor), page 3
  • The Cost of Cattle Deaths from Toxic Plants in Queensland, 1972-1981 (R.A. McKenzie), page 14
  • Economic Aspects of Plant Poisonings of Livestock in United States (Darwin B. Nielsen and Lynn F. James), page 24
  • Management of Selected Poisonous Plants on Semiarid Rangelands in West Texas with Herbicides (Darrell N. Ueckert), page 32
  • Chemotaxonomic Methods of Identifying Poisonous Compounds in Plants (M. Coburn Williams), page 42
  • The Biological Significance of Secondary Metabolites in Plants (E.A. Bell), page 50

II.  Treatment and Prevention of Plant Toxicoses:

  • Treatment of Lantana Poisoning of Cattle and Sheep (Christopher S. McSweeney, Coralie Stewart, and Michael A. Pass), page 61
  • Pithomycotoxicosis (Facial Eczema) in New Zealand and the Use of Zinc Salts for its Prevention (B.L. Smith and N.R. Towers), page 70
  • The Prevention of Lupinosis in Sheep (J.G. Allen, P.McR. Wood, K.P. Croker, W.A. Cowling, and D.N. Sawkins), page 80
  • Dietary Additives for Protection against Pyrrolizidine Alkaloid Toxicosis in Livestock (P.R. Cheeke), page 89
  • Immunophysiological Control of Phyto-Oestrogen Toxicity (R.I. Cox), page 98

III.  Baterial Degradation of Plant Toxins:

  • Leucaena Toxicity and the Ruminal Degradation of Mimosine (R.J. Jones), page 111
  • Anaerobic Oxalate-Degrading Bacteria of the Gastrointestinal Tract (Milton J. Allison), page 120

IV.  Simple Phytotoxins:

  • Toxicological Implications of Environmental Pollution of Vegetation (J.L. Shupe, H.B. Peterson, and A.E. Olson), page 129
  • Pathology of Experimental Locoweed and Selenium Poisoning in Pigs (W.J. Hartley, L.F. James, H. Broquist, and K.E. Panter), page 141
  • Poisoning of Horses by Oxalate in Grasses (R.A. McKenzie), page 150

V.  Toxicity Problems Associated with Feed Grains:

  • The Tolerance of Pigs to the Contamination of Grain with Seeds of Sesbania cannabina (Kevin C. Williams and Lindsay J. Daniels), page 157
  • The Effects on Pigs and Chickens of Feeding Grain Contaminated with Seeds of Corchorus olitorius (S.J. Johnson), page 165
  • Some Toxicological Aspects of Grain Amaranth for Pigs (Albert Takken and John K. Connor), page 170

VI.  Toxicity of Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids:

  • Molecular Basis of Pyrrolizidine Alkaloid Toxicity - Recent Studies (A.R. Mattocks), page 181
  • The Toxicity of Echium plantagineum (Paterson's Curse) (J.E. Peterson), page 191
  • Pyrrolizidine Alkaloid Infusion in Sheep (A. Morrie Craig, Linda L. Blythe, and E. Duane Lassen), page 200
  • Variation in Toxic Pyrrolizidine Alkaloid Content of Plants, Associated with Site, Stage of Growth and Environmental Conditions (A. Earl Johnson and Russell J. Molyneux), page 209
  • The Biosynthesis of C Macrocyclic Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids and Identification of Pyrrolizidine Metabolites (H.J. Segall), page 219
  • Gas Chromatography of Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids (J.A. Edgar), page 227
  • Pyrrolizidine Alkaloid Poisoning of Cattle and Horses in New South Wales (J.T. Sherman and K.H. Walker), page 235

VII.  Toxicity of Indolizidine Alkaloids:

  • The Isolation and Identification of a Toxic Principle from Swainsona canescens (Steven M Colegate, Peter R. Dorling, and Clive R. Huxtable), page 249
  • The Pathogenesis of Chronic Swainsona sp. Toxicity (P.R. Dorling, C.R. Huxtable, S.M. Colegate, and B.G. Winchester), page 255
  • Chemistry of Toxic Constituents of Locoweed (Astragalus & Oxytropis) Species (R.J. Molyneux, L.F. James, and K.E. Panter), page 266
  • Biochemical and Pathological Effects of Swainsonine and Locoweed in the Pig (D.R.P. Tulsiani, H.P. Broquist, L.F. James, and O. Touster), page 279
  • characterization of Oligosaccharides from Locoweed-Poisoned Sheep and Comparison with Bovine Mannosidosis (P.F. Daniel, C.D. Warren, L.F. James, and R.D. Jolly), page 290
  • Swainsonine Production in the Mold Rhizoctonia leguminicola (H.P. Broquist, P.S. Mason, B. Wickwire, R. Hoffman, M.J. Schneider, and T.M. Harris), page 301
  • The Chemistry and Biological Activity of Castanospermine and other Polyhydroxy Alkaloids (R.J. Nash, S.V. Evans, L.E. Fellows, and E.A. Bell), page 309

VIII.  Plant Teratogens and Related Toxins:

  • Comparative Clinical and Pathologic Aspects of Nicotiana glauca and Nicotiana tabacum Teratogenicity in Swine (M. Ward Crowe and Richard F. Keeler), page 317
  • Anabasine, a Teratogen frm the Nicotiana genus (Richard F. Keeler and M. Ward Crowe), page 324
  • Application of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy to the Determination of Structure and Configuration of Steroidal Amine Teratogens (William Garfield), page 334
  • Studies on the Mechanism of Veratrum Teratogenicity (F.R.P. Sim, B.G. Livett, C.A. Browne, and R.F. Keeler), page 344
  • Effects of Locoweed on Reproduction in Livestock (K.E. Panter and L.F. James), page 349

IX.  Plant Irritants and Neuromuscular Toxins:

  • Skin-Irritant and Tumor-Promoting Compounds of Plants of the Euphorbiaceae (A. Douglas Kinghorn), page 357
  • Antitumour and Irritant Diterpenoid Esters of Thymelaeaceae Species (M.I. Tyler and M.E.H. Howden), page 367
  • Advances in Tropane Alkaloid Research (William J. Griffin), page 375
  • The Toxicity of Stypandra imbricata (C.R. Huxtable, P.R. Dorling, and S.M. Colegate), page 381
  • The Chemistry and Pathology of Meliatoxins A and B. Constituents from the Fruit of Melia azedarach L. var australasica (P.B. Oelrichs, M.W. Hill, P.J. Vallely, J.K. MacLeod, and T.F. Molinski), page 387
  • Myopathies Associated with Cassia spp (E. Murl Bailey Jr.), page 395
  • Toxicity in Sheep due to Ixiolaena brevicompta (K.H. Walker and G.L. Ford), page 401

X.  Plant-Induced Cardiac and Pulmonary Disease:

  • White Snakeroot (Eupatorium rugosum) Poisoning. Clinical Effects Associated with Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle Lesions in Experimental Equine Toxicoses (J.L. White, H.L. Shivaprasad, L.J. Thompson, and W.B. Buck), page 411
  • Intoxication of Horses by Eupatorium adenophorum and E. riparium in Australia (B.M. O'Sullivan, J.A. Gibson, and R.A. McKenzie), page 423
  • New Cardiac Glycosids (Cardenolides) from Asclepias Species (J.N. Seiber, S.M. Lee, M.M. McChesney, T.R. Watson, C.J. Nelson, and L.P. Brower), page 427
  • Relationship of Locoweed to Congestive Right Heart Failure in Cattle (L.F. James, W.J. Hartley, K.E. Panter, and D.B. Nielsen), page 438
  • Analysis and Metabolism of Nitrotoxins in Cattle and Sheep (W. Majak, K.J. Cheng, A.D. Muir, and M.A. Pass), page 446
  • Pteridophyte Intoxication of Livestock in Australia (B.F. Chick, C. Quinn, and B.V. McCleary), page 453
  • The Toxicity of Myomontanone, a Lung-Damaging Furanoses-quiterpene from Myoporum montanum (J. Hrdlicka, A.A. Seawright, J.G. Allen, and J. Hastie), page 465
  • The Toxic Principle of Bitterweed (Hymenoxon odorata) (B.J. Camp), page 473
  • Chemistry and Toxic Effects of Verbesina enceloiodes (P.B. Oelrichs, P.J. Vallely, J.K. MacLeod, and I.A.S. Lewis), page 479

XI.  Plant Hepatotoxins:

  • The Pathogenesis of Lantana Poisoning (Michael A. Pass, Sandra Pollitt, Miriam W. Goosem, and Christopher S. McSweeney), page 487
  • Panicum spp. Toxicity in Southern U.S.A. (E. Murl Bailey Jr.), page 495
  • Cyanobacterial (Blue-Green Algae) Toxicity of Livestock (A.R.B. Jackson, M.T.C. Runnegar, I.R. Falconer, and A. McInnes), page 499
  • Furanoid Urinary Metabolites Of (-)-Ngaione in the Rat (J.C. Ng, A.A. Seawright, and B.N. Venzke), page 512
  • Sawfly Larval Poisoning of Cattle in Queensland (R.A. McKenzie, R.J. Rogers, and P.B. Oelrichs), page 524
  • Experimental Poisoning of Mice and Sheep with Cestrum parqui (K. Kudo, W.R. Kelly, and P.B. Oelrichs), page 533
  • Hepatic Fatty Cirrhosis (Hard Yellow Liver) of Domestic and Wild Ruminants (E. Murl Bailey Jr.), page 541

XII.  Field Intoxications of Microbial Origin:

  • Annual Ryegrass Toxicity: A Review (D.A. Purcell), page 553
  • Are Farmers Controlling Annual Ryegrass Toxicity in South Australia? (A.C. McKay, J.M. Fisher, R. Giesecke, and J. Crosby), page 559
  • Causative Action of Corynetoxins in Annual Ryegrass Toxicity (M.V. Jago), page 569
  • Mycotoxins in Crops: Epidemiological Aspects in Queensland (Barry J. Blaney), page 578
  • Aspects of the Structure of Phomopsin A, the Mycotoxin Causing Lupinosis (J.A. Edgar and C.C.J. Culvenor), page 589
  • The Toxicity of Phomopsin in a Crude Extract of Phomopsis leptostromiformis to Sheep and Pigs (J.G. Allen), page 596
  • Research on the Aetiology of Perennial Ryegrass Staggers in New Zealand (Peter H. Mortimer and Margaret E. di Menna), page 604

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