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A collection of slideshows, posters, and other presentations.

Disclaimer- Posters, by their nature, are preliminary findings. These data and their interpretation may be refined or changed before formal publication. We encourage the user to benefit from their early insight into our most recent research, but not to regard them as the "final word" on these findings.

Title Author(s) Date Format

28th Symposium on Pesticide Formulation and Delivery systems (2007) Tampa, Florida

Soil Water Measurements Relevant to Agronomic and Environmental Functions of Chemically-Treated Soil Bob Sojka 2007/10/27-30

(Conference unknown)

Irrigation-induced Erosion, Concepts and Modeling Challenges Bob Sojka 2007-10-25
"Diurnal Changes in Forage Quality Affects Animal Preference, Intake, Performance" H. F. Mayland, Dave Mertens and Bret Taylor 2005/12 MS Powerpoint

2005 ASA Meeting at Salt Lake City, UT

"Phosphorus Transfer and Transport In Irrigation Furrows" D.L. Bjorneberg, D.T. Westermann, J.K. Aase (USDA-ARS, Kimberly, ID) A.J. Clemmens and T.S. Strelkoff (USDA-ARS, Phoenix, AZ) 2005 Native (web) display
"Phosphorus Retention in Irrigation Canals" N.O. Nelson and D.T. Westermann – USDA-ARS, Kimberly, ID 2005 Native (web) display
"Irrigation System Effects on Surface Water Quality" N.O. Nelson, D.L. Bjorneberg, and D.T. Westermann - USDA-ARS, Kimberly, ID 2005 Native (web) display
"Animal Responses to Circadian Rhythms in Forage Quality" Mayland, HF, JC Burns, DS Fisher, DR Mertens and JB Taylor USDA-ARS; Kimberly, ID; Raleigh, NC; Watkinsville, GA; Madison, WI; and Dubois, ID 2005 Native (web) display
"Removing Soluble Phosphorus in Irrigation Return Flows with Alum Additions" A.B. Leytem and D.L. Bjorneberg - USDA-ARS, Kimberly, ID 2005 Native (web) display

Far West Agribusiness Association 32nd Annual Fertilizer & Chemical Conference Jackpot, NV

"Compaction and Soil Moisture"
  • Basic 3-phase Soil Physical Model
  • General plant responses to compaction
  • Effects of compaction on soil bulk density, strength, moisture, and aeration
  • Effects of soil moisture on compaction
  • Some data from Alfalfa
  • Some management tips
R.E. Sojka 2005/01/10-12 MS Powerpoint

2003 ASA Meeting at Denver, Colorado

"Soil Strength Relationships of a Durinodic Xeric Haplocalcid Soil" R.E. Sojka, W.J. Busscher and G.A. Lehrsch 2003 Native (web) display
"Phosphorus Transfer in Runoff from Cultivated Western US Soils By Simulated Rainfall" B.L. Turner, D.T. Westermann, M.A. Kay, ARS, Kimberly, ID; B.D. Brown, UI, Parma, ID; R.G. Stevens, WSU, Prosser, WA 2003 Native (web) display
"Influence of Manure Phytic Acid on Phosphorus Solubility in Soil" April B. Leytem, Benjamin L. Turner, and Victor Raboy, USDA-ARS 2003 Native (web) display
"Horse Preference for Afternoon- or Morning-Cut Alfalfa-Grass Hay" L.C. MacKay 1, H.F. Mayland 2, W.P. MacKay 3, J.C. Burns 4, and R.E. Whitchurch 5. 1New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM; 2USDA-ARS, Kimberly, ID; 3University of Texas, El Paso, TX; 4USDA-ARS, Raleigh, NC; 5North West Labs, Jerome, ID 2003 Native (web) display
"Energy Levels in Orchardgrass Swards During Defoliation Sequences Initiated in Morning and Evening" T.C. Griggs 1, J.W. MacAdam 1, H.F. Mayland 2, and J.C. Burns 3. 1Utah State University, Logan, UT; 2USDA-ARS, Kimberly, ID; and 3USDA-ARS, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC 2003 Native (web) display
"Total nonstructural carbohydrate in tall fescue leaves and pseudostems after light and dark exposure" H.F. Mayland 1, J.W. MacAdam 2, R.J. Orr 3, A.J. Rook 3, G.E. Shewmaker 4, P.A. Harrison 5. 1USDA-ARS, Kimberly, ID; 2Utah State University, Logan, UT; 3IGER, North Wyke, Okehampton, Devon, UK; 4University of Idaho, Twin Falls, ID; and 5USDA-ARS, Logan, UT 2003 Native (web) display

(Conference unknown)

"Irrigation Increases Carbon in Agricultural Soils" James A. Entry 1, R.E. Sojka 1, and G.E. Shewmaker 2. 1USDA - Agricultural Research Service, Northwest Irrigation and Soils Research Laboratory, Kimberly, ID 83341. 2University of Idaho, Research and Extension Center, Twin Falls, ID 83303-1827.   Native (web) display

Proceedings of 2003 annual meeting American Society Animal Science at Phoenix, Arizona

"Horse preference for afternoon- or morning-cut alfalfa-grass hay" L.C. MacKay 1, H.F. Mayland 2, and W.P. MacKay 3; 1Franklin High School, El Paso, TX, 79912; 2USDA-ARS, Kimberly, ID, 83341; 3University of Texas, El Paso, TX, 79968 2003 Native (web) display
"Orchardgrass Soluble Carbohydrate and Digestibility Levels in Sward Horizons under Sequences of Successive Defoliation Initiated in Morning and Evening" T. C. Griggs, J. W. MacAdam, and S. Buffler, Utah State University, Logan, UT, H. F. Mayland, and J.C. Burns, USDA-ARS, Kimberly, ID, Raleigh, NC 2003 Native (web) display

2003 Western Nutrient Management Meeting at Salt Lake City, Utah

"Soil Properties Affecting P Availabilities in Western Soils" D.T. Westermann, and A.B. Leytem, USDA-ARS, Kimberly, ID 2003 Native (web) display

2002 ASA Meeting at Indianapolis, Indiana

"Factors Affecting Phosphorus Release From Western Soils" D.T. Westermann, B.L. Turner, and D.L. Bjorneberg 2002 Native (web) display
"Organic Phosphorus Composition and Potential Bioavailability in Irrigated Arable Soils of the Western US" Benjamin L. Turner 1, Barbara J. Cade-Menun 2, Dale T. Westermann 1; 1USDA-ARS, Northwest Irrigation and Soils Research Laboratory, Kimberly, ID, USA; 2Department of Geological and Environmental Science, Stanford University, CA, USA 2002 Native (web) display
"The Diurnal Cycling of Carbohydrates in Pasture: The Australian Experience" T.A. Ciavarella, K.F. Smith, M.A. Sprague; Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Pastoral and Veterinary Institute, Victoria, Australia, and H.F. Mayland*; USDA-ARS Kimberly, Idaho, USA 2002 Native (web) display
"Diurnal Cycling of Total Nonstructural Carbohydrates in Leafy Vegetables" by H.F. Mayland, D.L. Bjorneberg and J.C. Burns, USDA-ARS, Kimberly, ID and Raleigh, NC 2002 Native (web) display
"Use of PAM to Control Erosion From Raised Beds Under Sprinkler Irrigation" D.J. Horne 1, R.E. Sojka 2, D.L. Bjorneberg 2and J.A. Foerster 2; 1Massey University, New Zealand, 2USDA-ARS, Kimberly, ID 2002 Native (web) display
"Polyacrylamide Removes Microorganisms and Nutrients from Surface Water" J.A. Entry 1, R.E. Sojka 1, S.A. Verwey 1and C.W. Ross 2; 1USDA Agricultural Research Service, Northwest Irrigation and Soils Research Laboratory, Kimberly, Idaho, 2Landcare Research, Massey University, Palmerson North, New Zealand 2002 Native (web) display
"Scanning Electron Micrographs of Polyacrylamide-Treated Soil in Irrigation Furrows" C.W. Ross 1, R.E. Sojka 2and J.A. Foerster 2; 1Manaaki Whenua, Landcare Research, New Zealand Limited, Palmerston North, New Zealand, 2USDA Agricultural Research Service, Northwest Irrigation and Soils Research Laboratory, Kimberly, Idaho 2002 Native (web) display
"Irrigated Agriculture Decreases Soil Microbial Genetic Diversity" by J.A. Entry 1, D.K. Mills 2, K. Mathee 2, K. Jayachndran 2and R.E. Sojka 1; 1USDA Agricultural Research Service, Northwest Irrigation and Soils Research Laboratory, Kimberly, Idaho; 2Department of Biological Sciences & Department of Environmental Studies Florida International University, Miami, FL 2002 Native (web) display

2001 International Phosphorus Transfer Workshop at Devon, England

"Phosphorus Release Kinetics as Affected by Aqueous Solutions" D.T. Westermann, B.L. Turner, D.L. Bjorneberg and J.K. Aase 2001 Native (web) display

2001 Annual Conference of the Soil and Water Conservation Society at Myrtle Beach, SC.

"Nutrient Losses in Surface Irrigation Runoff" D.L. Bjorneberg, D.T. Westermann and J.K. Aase 2001 Native (web) display

2001 ASA Meeting at Charlotte, NC

"Sheep Sensibility to Differences in Afternoon and Morning-Cut Oaten Hays" H.F. Mayland* USDA-ARS, 3793 N. 3600 E., Kimberly, Idaho 83341, U.S.A. and T.A. Ciavarella, K.F. Smith, and G.A. Kearney; Agriculture Victoria, Pastoral and Veterinary Institute, P.B. 105, Hamilton, Vic.3300, Australia 2001 Native (web) display

2000 ASA Meeting at Minneapolis, MN

"Runoff Weed Seed, Sediment, Infiltration and Weed Establishment as Affected by PAM in Furrow-Irrigated Corn" R.E. Sojka, D.W. Morishita, J.A. Foerster and M.J. Wille 2000 Native (web) display
"Benefits for Adopting Afternoon Forage-Cutting Strategies" H.F. Mayland, J.C. Burns, D.S. Fisher, R. Carlstrom, S.D. Cash, G.E. Shewmaker and G.A. Ledbetter 2000 Native (web) display
"Phosphorus Runoff Losses Under Simulated Sprinkler Irrigations" J.K. Aase, D.T. Westermann, and D.L. Bjorneberg 2000 Native (web) display

1999 ASA Meeting at Salt Lake City, UT

"The Instantaneous Wetting Effect on Erosion From Irrigated Furrows" R. E. Sojka, D. L. Bjorneberg, and J. K. Aase 1999 Native (web) display
"Soil Phosphorus (P) Effects on P Losses During Furrow Irigation" D. T. Westermann, D. L. Bjorneberg, J. K. Aase, and C. W. Robbins 1999 Native (web) display