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FY 11 "Diversity/Civil Rights" PWA
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March 4, 2011



SUBJECT:       2011 Diversity/Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement-PWA


           TO:       All PWA Employees


     FROM:        Andrew C. Hammond  /s/

                        Area Director



With the issuance of Dr. Knipling's Diversity/Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement, dated February 11, 2011, I want to take this opportunity to re-affirm my personal commitment to the principles of diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity and to implementing the core values of cultural transformation throughout the Pacific West Area.  This commitment includes managing our workforce in a way that is most conducive to attracting, recruiting, retaining and promoting qualified diverse talent - a workforce that promotes inclusion and respect towards all its employees.


Discrimination, reprisal or harassment is illegal and will not be tolerated.  Every manager and supervisor must be responsible for maintaining an atmosphere that encourages equal opportunity for all and builds on teamwork.  Nonsupervisory personnel are also expected to share this responsibility through their own conduct by promoting a respectful and professional workplace.


PWA employees must be afforded every opportunity to achieve professional success, starting with onboarding into the workforce.  Onboarding of new hires should not end with the initial orientation process, but be a continuous, integrated employee experience that provides the support and motivation needed during those sometimes challenging first few months to a year of transitioning into a new job.  New hires should be made to feel welcomed, comfortable, prepared, and supported to ensure they are able to succeed at their jobs and become fully engaged and productive members of the PWA workforce.  Making better use of employee Individual Development Plans (IDPs) is an important piece of this process.  Supervisors should make every effort to ensure that each employee is given consideration for the training and developmental opportunities needed to enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities.  The onboarding process is an important investment in employee success, promoting satisfaction and retention.


The PWA Workforce Diversity Committee will continue to undertake activities aimed at eliminating the barriers to recruiting and retaining a workforce that is reflective of the customer populations we serve.  We will convene a teleconference of this Committee to strategize for FY 2011 and the future in March, with additional working sessions planned throughout the year.  


Our employees are our most valuable asset.  I encourage all PWA employees to continue to work together to promote an atmosphere of acceptance and support that embraces the talents and cultures of all our employees, one that is free from all forms of discrimination and that genuinely values diversity.



Pacific West Area - Office of the Director

800 Buchanan Street•-•Albany, CA  94710-1105

Voice:  510.559.6060 •-•Fax:  510.559.5779 •-• E-mail:

An Equal Opportunity Employer



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