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Emerging Field: Scientific Research is Needed to Understand Stress & Nutrition

   There exist significant gaps in the scientific evidence from which to draw conclusions about the influence of food, nutrients, & diet patterns on stress vulnerability/resilience and link to neurological and psychological health.  This emerging field has the potential to positively impact health care and empower individuals.

   The 2015 Dietary Guideline for Americans Expert Committee concluded that the State of Scientific Evidence for Effects of Nutrition on Neurological and Psychological Health is LIMITED

Stress, Nutrition, and Health

   Chronic psychological or mental stress exposure has been linked to a number of adverse health conditions, including obesity and depression, and is now acknowledged as a public health concern ( However, there is currently a huge unmet need for understanding how stress affects health and particularly how nutrition, whole foods, nutrients, and shifts in metabolism influence psychological stress system physiology and stress-related diseases such as depression and other mental and physical conditions affected by stress.


   Provide evidence based information to consumers, policy makers, and health care professionals worldwide for creating and translating nutrition based solutions for reducing stress and improving psychological and neurological health.

                   The Stress Biology and Nutrition Research Initiative is affiliated with the Stress Biology and Nutrition Research Lab(/pandp/docs.htm?docid=20877) at the Western Human Nutrition Research Center (/main/site_main.htm?modecode=20-32-15-00), located on the University of California Davis campus in Davis, CA. Davis is an ideal location for a research initiative addressing the effects of nutrition on stress and related conditions. The Stress Biology and Nutrition Research Initiative will leverage access to world class expertise and cutting edge science and technology across the basic biological/physiological sciences, medicine, biotechnology, psychology and social sciences, and nutrition, food sciences, and agriculture.