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Metabolic Rate - Whole Room Calorimeter Study
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Metabolic Rate Method Development in Whole Room Calorimeter

Who is conducting the study?

Nancy L. Keim, PhD and Sridevi Krishnan, PhD from the Western Human Nutrition Research Center (WHNRC) and the Department of Nutrition at the University of California, Davis.

Where is the study being conducted?

WHNRC, 430 West Health Sciences Drive, Davis, CA 95616

What is the purpose of this study?

We are hoping to develop “best practice methods” for using our whole room calorimeter to measure metabolic rate. In this study, we are testing our instruments for measuring both resting metabolic rate and the increase in metabolic rate that occurs after a meal.

Who can participate in this study?

Healthy men and women between the ages of 18 and 65 years.

What would exclude me from participating in the study?

What can I expect to happen during the study?

  1. First, you will be screened for eligibility with a 20-minute telephone interview.
  2. Then if you meet the basic inclusion criteria you will come to the WHNRC for a screening and orientation visit. This visit will last about 2 hours; you go through the informed consent process, fill out 3 questionnaires, have your height and weight measured, along with your pulse, blood pressure, and temperature. At the end of the visit we will orient you to the room calorimeter.
  3. The next visit is the actual test in the room calorimeter. During this test you will come to the Center after fasting overnight. You will have a blood sample taken, and a repeat measure of your height and weight. You will step on a scale that measures your body fat and lean mass. Thereafter you will enter the room calorimeter, empty your bladder, and rest for about 1 hour lying quietly in bed. After resting you will eat the standard meal, and remain in the calorimeter for another 6-8 hours while your metabolic rate is measured. During the time in the calorimeter you will wear an activity monitor on your wrist and you will collect all urine you pass in provided containers.

What is your compensation for participating?

There is no monetary compensation for participating. You will receive the results of your testing (metabolic rate, body composition) after you complete the study.

What should I do if I have questions or want to participate in the study?

For questions, contact the study investigators: Nancy L. Keim at 530-752-4163 or Sridevi Krishnan at 530-752-6298

To qualify for the study, please call 530-752-5177 #5