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Bennett, Brian
Research Leader
(530) 754-4417
430 West Health Sciences Drive
University of California
Davis CA 95616

To conduct nutrition interventions, that contribute to dietary and physical activity recommendations that will prevent obesity and related metabolic disorders such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, to conduct vitamin and mineral interventions to improve human health and function, and to conduct nutritional phenotyping studies to better understand the cause and impact of inter-individual variability in response to such interventions. Factors studied include, but are not limited to, diet patterns, a variety of specific foods, different types and amounts of carbohydrates including non-digestible carbohydrates and simple sugars, lipids, vitamins, minerals and stress. In human subjects and cell and animal models, state-of-the-art methods including omics technologies are used to study the effects and mechanisms of action of the nutrition interventions on: whole body, tissue and cell metabolism; body weight and composition; markers of risk of chronic disease; food intake behaviors; endocrinology; nutrient kinetics and absorption; gut microbiome population and function.

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