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John W. NewmanJohn W. Newman, PhD- WHNRC Research Chemist -

Dr. Newman is a biologist and analytical biochemist with extensive experience in investigations of vascular inflammation and hypertension, as well as the development and validation of quantitative analytical methods. Current research in his laboratory centers on the development of nutritional metabolomics to explore the effects of diet on the metabolic regulation of inflammation, vascular physiology and cellular growth as it relates to Obesity Prevention.  These profiling tools are designed to provide novel and detailed descriptions of lipoprotein particles to better understand the relationship between dyslipidemias and shifts in peripheral lipid metabolism.




Theresa L. PedersenTheresa L. Pedersen, MS - WHNRC Chemist -

Ms. Pedersen is an analytical chemist with expertise in the development and validation of small organic molecule quantitative analytical methods. Current projects include expansion of oxygenated fatty acid metabolite profiles on API 4000 QTrap, LC-MS/MS; development of handling techniques for lipoprotein particles and effective extraction and quantification of various lipid components. She is also developing and validating methodologies for quantifying metabolites and dietary components in a variety of biological matrices.






William R. KeyesWilliam R. Keyes, MA -WHNRC General Physical Scientist, CDSO -

Mr. Keyes has extensive expertise in mass spectrometry with over 32 years experience. Analytical techniques include thermal ionization (TIMS), inductively-coupled plasma (ICP-MS), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC-MS), and gas chromatography (GC-MS).  He is currently involved in the modernization and implemention of methods for the quantification of fatty acids, metabolites and dietary components in tissues, fluids and dietary materials associated with human, animal, and cellular studies.






Dmitry GrapovDmitry Grapov - Graduate Group in Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry -

Dmitry is s PhD candidate investigating the composition, effects and subsequent manipulation of bioactive oxidized lipids and fatty acids in the cholesterol ester component of the lipid pool. His current research objectives include the development of a high-throughput analytical method for total lipid extraction and class fractionation of lipids from plasma and tissues. His future research direction includes quantitative compositional analysis of cholesterol esters among lipopoprotein classes; focusing on oxygenated fatty acids and oxysterols as markers for Coronary Heart Disease related pathophysiology.









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