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BioAnalytical Support Laboratory





Leslie Woodhouse, Ph.D.





The mission of the BSL is to provide bioanalytical support as required for human nutrition studies.  Some of this support includes the following:  specimen collection and specimen processing (including preparing labels), complete blood count (CBC) analysis, clinical chemistries and biochemical analyses of biological samples, analysis of immune function using flow cytometry, isolation, activation and proliferation of immune cells from whole blood, measures of oxidative stress, markers of cardiovascular disease, and isolation of RNA and DNA from whole blood.  BSL also manages and coordinates the shared research spaces at the Center (autoclave / glassware room, gamma and scintillation counter room, shared dry ice and liquid nitrogen supply).


BioAnalytical Support Laboratory (BSL)

Staff & Facility:

BSL has 4 staff members: 2 Chemists and 2 Biological Science Laboratory Technicians, and occupies 5 laboratories (a main instrument lab, a blood processing lab, a urine & fecal processing lab, a plate reader lab, and a Radiation lab which houses the radioisotope counters (gamma and liquid scintillation))



The BSL is capable of analyzing a wide range of analytes.  BSL instrumentation includes:


••  Flow Cytometer (FACSCalibur) - Manufacturer(External link)

••  Clinical Chemistry Analyzer (Hitachi 902) - Manufacturer(External link)

••  Chemiluminescent Immunoassay Analyzer (Immulite) - Manufacturer

    (External link)

••  Nitrogen Analyzer (Leco) - Manufacturer(External link)

••  Hematology Analyzer (CellDyn 3200) - Manufacturer(External link)

••  Multiplex Analyzer (BioPlex) - Manufacturer(External link)

••  Plate Reader (Synergy 2 multi-detection) - Manufacturer(External link)

••  Gamma Counter (Packard Cobra II Auto Gamma)

••  Scintillation Counter (Packard Tri-carb 2500TR)

••  D2O Distillationand analysis system(Miran 1FF infrared analyzer)

••  CEROS CASAsystem for sperm analyis - Manufacturer(External link)



We prepare samples from various human studies to be shipped to LipoScience, Inc. for NMR LipoProfile-II Subclass Particle Analysis.  We have multiple research agreements with LipoScience for these analyses, and the data is downloaded into our LIMS.  







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