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Picture of the Week








08/06/06 - 08/12/06


Ampelopsis vitifolia AKA "The Boston Creeper."  This inedible grape relative is characterized by berries that look like Easter eggs.




07/30/06 - 08/05/06


DPUN 37/PI #599517- "Wonderful"

This is the standard variety California, and the most common found in grocery stores.  The NCGR pomegranate collection is maturing, however, they will not be ripe for another two and a half to three months.






07/23/06 - 07/29/06



DMOR 15/PI #594915- "Pakistan"

Considered to be one of the best tasting mulberries.  This variety produces long, sweet, and very flavorful fruit.




 07/16/06 - 07/22/06



This particular fig is DFIC 02, known as "Panachee."   It has several of synonyms such as, "Princessa," "Limone," "Jaspee," and "Striped Tiger."  It also happens to be the top pick at last years fig tasting.








07/09/06 - 07/15/06



 "Mission" - DFIC 12, also known as "California Black" or "Mexican Black."

The entire fig collection is experiencing considerable fruit growth.






07/02/06 -07/08/06



Vitis davidii - DVIT2106, also known as the  "Chinese Bramble Grape."  About two months ago, this plant was about 6 inches high, now its spans over 6 feet.




06/25/06 - 07/01/06



Seven repository employees and four student assistants planted 400 grape plants over three days at Wolfskill Experimental Orchard, in Winters, CA.





06/18/06 - 06/24/06



Peaches from DPRU 2162 - "Meadowlark."  This is one of several Prunus accessions that have already produced ripe fruit.






06/11/06 - 06/17/06



To determine the importance of pollination in interesting fig varieties, the wasps which pollinate figs are excluded from some branches using fine mesh bags









06/04/06 - 06/10/06



Pictured is the fruit from DDIO 58 (Diospyros lotus). All of NCGR's persimmons are in the early stages of fruit growth




05/28/06 - 06/03/06



Brent Porteous extracts Prunus DNA to isolate genomic DNA for preparation of microsatellite analysis of genetic diversity




05/21/06 - 05/27/06



NCGR's Loquat Collection is growing.  We began with only one tree, and now we have several.  In a few years we will be able to distribute this plant material.



05/14/06 - 05/20/06



Pictured is the fruit from mulberry plant "Florida" (DMOR0039.)  All of the mulberries at NCGR are currently experiencing substantial fruit growth.





05/07/06 - 05/13/06



After many years of trying we were finally able to propagate copies of this unusually species of grape - Vitis davidii (DVIT2106.)  One plant was propagated from green cuttings and five were propagated by grafting them onto Saint George (V. rupestris) rootstock.  Plant material should be available for distribution next year.





04/30/06 - 05/06/06



After an extensive rainy season, spring has finally sprung at the Repository. All of the crops are blooming, but our pomegranate collection was the first to bear flowers.  Pictured is a flower from  a "Wonderful" (DPUN0081) tree.



04/23/06 - 04/29/06



Jeff Moersfelder dips newly grafted grape plants in candle wax. The wax acts as a moisture lock and prevents the plants from drying out.  Next, these plants will be potted and placed in a warm green house to grow.





04/16/06 - 04/22/06



Jenny Hansen paints a mushroom; the center piece of NCGR's float for UC Davis' 92nd annual open house picnic day.  The float also contained a giant bunch of grapes and a walnut tree.  The entire float was constructed under Jenny's direction and made out of paper mache and chicken wire.


04/09/06 - 04/15/06



We prepared 800 fig plants for distribution at Picnic day.   The plants were given out free of charge.  The varieties were; Excel (DFIC0020,) Verdal Longue (DFIC 0056,) Panachee (DFIC0002,) Verte (DFIC0026), Ischia Black (DFIC0090,) & Ischia Green (DFIC0052)