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Jerry Uyemoto
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Ph.D., Department Plant Pathology

University of California, Davis


Office:      Hutchison Hall

                 University of California

                 Davis, CA95616


Phone:     (530) 752-0309


Fax:         (530) 754-7195

Jerry Uyemoto

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Research Program






Selected Publications

Research Program:

With stone fruit, Dr. Uyemoto has projects on almond leaf scorch incitant Xylella fastidiosa; necrotic union of pluot trees and stunt of Tieton sweet cherry trees.  With grapevines, new viruses are detected using a differential set of hybrid rootstocks. In addition, new stem markings attributed to graft-transmissible pathogens are being investigated.  



Dr. Uyemoto received a BSc in Agronomy in 1962; a MSC in Plant Pathology in 1964; and a Ph.D. in Plant Pathology from UC Davis.  Dr. Uyemoto went on to Assistant and Associate Professor positions at Cornell University, Geneva working on virus diseases of stone, pome, and grape research from 1968-1977. Dr. Uyemoto served on the faculty of Kansas State University in Manhattan as an Associate and Full Professor from 1978-1982, where he conducted research on virus diseases of corn, sorghum and wheat.He became a Senior Scientist for Advanced Genetic Sciences Inc. in 1982-1984 working on tissue and protoplast culture of guar.Dr. Uyemoto then returned to UC Davis to serve as a visiting scientist performing research on the Epicarp lesion of pistachio from 1984-1985 and X-disease of cherry from 1985-1986.In 1986 he  joined the USDA, ARS in Davis, CA.He retired in 2007 and now works as a research collaborator for the USDA, ARS.



Selected Publications

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