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United States Department of Agriculture

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 Davis, CA.

  Crops Pathology and Genetics Research Unit

                                                                                                                                                                        Plant Diversity for a Diverse Future


The Crops Pathology and Genetics Research Unit established in 1956 and located on the Campus of the University of California, Davis has scientists located in three academic departments across the campus. Currently we support 9 scientists and their associated technicians, graduate students and post doctoral associates in our research unit.


  Current Research Programs

   (CRIS Projects)


••          Etiology & Biology of Tree Crop Diseases

      Examine the etiology & biology of diseases affecting deciduous fruit/nut trees, grapevines, oak trees, and strawberry, while developing sustainable disease management practices that do not rely on methyl bromide

••          Rice Genetics

Improvement of rice germplasm for temperate environments.

••          Sustainable Floriculture

Sustainable production in greenhouse based floriculture systems.

••          Sustainable Viticulture

The biology and sustainable management of grapevine diseases and vineyard weeds.   Examination of the molecular microbial ecology of the rhizosphere.

••          Alternatives to Methyl Bromide

In a 5 year area-wide project we are demonstrating the use of alternative technologies that provide pest and pathogen control equivalent to methyl bromide fumigation.


••          For information about the various research programs in our unit, click here.   


  Meet the Principal Investigators of CPGRU, click here. 



  News & Events


••   What Genes Help Blossoms Last Longer?:  "ARS plantphysiologist Cai-Zhong Jiang is using virus-induced gene silencing-which shows up as white patches on these purple petunias-to determine the function of genes involved in how long a plant flowers."

••          Longer-Lasting Flowers: Fresh Ideas from ARS Researchers: "Scientists have found that spraying low concentrations of the compound thidiazuron can significantly extend the life of some potted plants' leaves and flowers such as the treated cyclamen on the left."  





  Contact Us



Daniel A. Kluepfel                                    Lynne M Pearson

Research Leader/                                   Secretary

Location Coordinator                                     378 Hutchinson Hall

Plant Pathology Department                               Davis, CA, 95616-0000

One Shields Avenue, UC Davis                            Phone: (530) 754-5849        

Davis, CA 95616                                   


Fax: (530) 754-7195                                       



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