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September 2017: The Endicott Pear Tree - A National treasure hedged in by time and development - Good Fruit Grower

February 2017: Crop Scientists Race to Create a Climate-Change-Resilient Agriculture - Sierra

June 2016: Raise a Glass to Perry, Craft Cider's Pear Cousin - NPR

April 2016: Quince: What's old is new again - Capital Press

December 2015: Pop the Cork on Homemade Perry - The Oregonian

May 2015: Curator keeps living library of pear trees - Capital Press

November 2014: Touring the Hazelnut (Corylus) Collection at the National Clonal Germplasm Repository - Wayward Spark

September 2014: Ascension Parish Memorial Donation Orchard - The Donaldsonville Chief
USDA Germplasm Repository uses DNA fingerprinting to identify historic Baton Rouge pear tree

July 2014: World Collection of Ribes at USDA Repository - Wayward Spark

November 2013: Old Home x Bartlett? - Good Fruit Grower
Genetic fingerprinting reveals a case of mistaken identity

November 2013: Quince Believers - Eugene Register Guard
Quince is suddenly back in fashion.

November 2013: Strange Fruits and Lots of Quince - Wayward Spark

October 2013: A Tree Grows in Danvers - Danvers Archival Center
"The tree is the last survivor of many fruit trees planted here under the direction of the first Massachusetts Governor, English Puritan John Endecott (c1588-1665)."

July 2013: New Species of Strawberry Discovered in Oregon's Cascade Mountains - The Oregonian
The newest addition to the wild strawberry family, Fragaria cascadensis, lies in its two extra sets of chromosomes.

December 2012: Saving Oregon's Hazelnuts - Portland Monthly
Shawn Mehlenbacher at Oregon State University uses hazelnut genetic resources to rescue the industry from Eastern Filbert Blight.

November 2012: Seeds of an era long gone in Tucson, Arizona - New York Times.

The United States Department of Agriculture maintains some 220 pomegranate and 150 quince varieties at repositories in Davis, Calif., and Corvallis, Ore.

August 2012: Corvallis' Own Pear Genebank - The Corvallis Advocate

May 2012: A Plethora of Pears - Good Fruit Grower
Repository's mission is to collect, conserve, characterize and distribute.

May 2012: In Praise of the Misunderstood Quince - New York Times
What most Americans know about quince (Cydonia oblonga) ??? if they know about quince at all ??? is that it was once a fixture in Grandma's garden.

May 2011: World's Blueberries Protected in Unique, Living Collection - Agricultural Research

May2011: Noah's Ark for Fruits and Nuts - Sherwood, Oregon Gazette
The U.S. Department of Agriculture repository is a sort of Noah???s Ark for 30 different types of fruits and nuts.

July 2010: Open House Showcases Fruit, Veggie Research - Corvallis Gazette Times
They have low-growing "short bush" varieties and towering "high bush" types, a raspberry-flavored blueberry and a variety that comes from the Azores, a chain of islands about 1,000 miles off the coast of Portugal.  "We're trying to grow blueberries where they were never grown before," Hummer said.

January 2010: Preserving Diversity, Insuring our Future - Agricultural Research
"the U.S. National Plant Germplasm System is a vital network of genebanks where plants from around the world are curated, propagated, analyzed, and distributed for scientific use."

November 2009: Demystifying The Quince - NPR Kitchen Window
"it turns out that the most diverse quince grove in North America, if not the world, thrives at a U.S. Department of Agriculture gene bank just down the road"

October 2009: There's a New Taste for Quince - Los Angeles Times
"In Corvallis, Postman maintains an orchard of more than 100 quince clones, many of which he and other USDA scientists collected in recent expeditions to the fruit's homeland in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan."

June 2009: Seed Saviors - Portland Monthly
"When civilization coughs up its final death rattle, one of the last bastions of mankind's survival will lie near Corvallis behind a modest sign touting a simple mantra: "Preserving plant genetic resources for all time."

June 2009: In Quest of the Marshall Strawberry - Coos Bay World
"researchers at USDA's National Clonal Germplasm Repository in Corvallis wanted to ensure that their version of the variety was the real thing"

May 2008: Hazelnut Micropropagation Program Looks to Put Down New Roots - Capital Press
"The first-stage micropropagation of advanced material from Oregon State University's hazelnut breeding program will soon be putting down roots"

January 2008: Solution Sought for Black Raspberry Decline - Science Daily
"In June 2007, Hummer and Dossett traveled more than 2,000 miles to collect 15 accessions of black raspberries from 15 locations in South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama."

January 2005: Seed hunters search for diversity in Caucasus - Philadelphia Inquirer
The road to genetic diversity, plant explorer Paul Meyer has learned, sometimes leads straight up."

September 2003: USDA Repository Filled with Pear Delights - Capital Press
"Growing in the eight-acre plot are hundreds of domesticated and wild pear varieties, the world's largest collection, all under the watchful eye of USDA plant pathologist/curator Joseph Postman and co-workers."

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