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Raspberry Cultivars
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  • Lewis x ORUS 520-48
  • Late ripening
  • High quality
  • Firm fruit
  • High percentage attractive IQF fruits (up to 80 %)
  • Machine harvests well
  • High yields
  • Gets RBDV but not particularly sensitive
  • Sensitive to root rot
  • #2 or 3 in plant sales behind 'Meeker' and 'Cowichan'



Machine harvested fruit


Finn, C.E., Lawrence, F.J., Yorgey, B., and Strik, B.C. 2001. 'Coho' red raspberry. HortScience36:1159-1161.




•• ORUS 1838 x ORUS 1842

•• Primocane fruiting

•• Ripens 7-10 days earlier than 'Heritage'

•• Firm

•• Ships well

  • 'Summit' sibling

•• Canes need support early-not as sturdy as 'Heritage'

•• Can be dark

•• "Fantastic yields"

•• "Hard for pickers to pick-not sure when ripe."

  • Available at nurseries

'Chinook' and 'Heritage'

'Heritage' and 'Chinook'


Finn, C.E., F.J. Lawrence, B. Yorgey, and B.C. Strik. 2004. 'Chinook' red raspberry. HortScience 39:444-445.


Small Fruit Breeding Program

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Scientist: Chad Finn