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Powdery Mildew
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We are developing methods that enhance the ability to manage powdery mildew epidemics. Our primary focus is on the development of disease forecasting models and understanding the environmental conditions suitable for spore movement. Currently, the group is pursuing the hypothesis that all powdery mildews can be grouped into either warm or cool climate types, and a universal forecasting model can be created based on the slight differences in disease development in response to temperature. We are investigating how leaf wetness and variable temperature impact infection. We are also developing novel methods for detecting and quantifying aerial spore concentrations and relating those concentrations to disease in the field and potential for disease development. In collaboration with a multidisciplinary group of scientists, we are pursuing the development an integrated system for acquisition, quality control, and dissemination of weather data and various analyses of that data (e.g. disease and weather forecasts).


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Scientist: Walt Mahaffee



Last Modified: 8/19/2016
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