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RCEW Data Reports
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The Reynolds Creek Experimental Wateshed (RCEW) was established in 1960 as a field laboratory for hydrologic research. RCEW is predominantly a rangeland watershed (234 square kilometers) located in the Owyhee Mountains in southwestern Idaho. Historical monitoring of the watershed has included climate, precipitation, snow accumulation and redistribution, snowmelt, frozen soils and frost depth, soil water and temperature, streamflow and sediment yield, and vegetation. Current instrumentation at the watershed includes digital telemetry and automated, near-real-time data collection.

In 2001, NWRC published a series of data reports in Water Resources Research describing the data collection activities at RCEW for the period 1962 - 1996. The data described in the data reports can be accessed via anonymous ftp at under \databases\rcew.

The published Water Resources Research data notes are available here and on the anonymous ftp site. These reports are presented in portable document format (pdf) and require the Adobe? Acrobat? Reader?.