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Grain Development
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Wheat Seeds

Developing grains are harvested from wheat plants grown under different environmental conditions at frequent intervals after anthesis (DPA = days post-anthesis). Grains shown above were produced under the 24/17°C and 37/17°C day/night temperature regimens.

• • •

Growth Curves

Fresh weight (green), dry weight (red) and water content (blue) of developing grains are determined under each environmental regimen as well as starch and protein accumulation profiles (not shown). Three different temperature regimens are evaluated in the example shown above.

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Development Chart

The effects of the three temperature regimens on the timing of grain development are summarized. These data provide a framework for the analyses of gene expression and protein accumulation during grain development.


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DuPont, F.M., and Altenbach, S.B. 2003. Molecular and biochemical impacts of environmental factors on wheat grain development and protein synthesis. J. Cereal Sci. 38(2): 133-146.


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Last Modified: 8/12/2016
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