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CIU Research Posters
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The scientists of CIU provide research posters in PDF format for public viewing and downloading. These posters were presented at scientific conferences. To view and print them, you will need to install Adobe Reader? from Adobe Systems Incorporated.

MS/MS Identification Strategies for the Arginine and Lysine Deficient Proline-rich Glutamine-rich Wheat Storage Proteins
by William H. Vensel et al. [ View PDF| 192 KB]

Characterization by HPLC, MALDI Mass Spectrometry, and Edman Degradation of a Glutenin Dimeric Protein
by William H. Vensel et al. [ View PDF| 81 KB]

Identification of Novel Promoters Useful for Crop Biotechnology
by Roger Thilmony et al. [ View PDF| 1.3 MB]

The Primary In VivoSteroidal Alkaloid Glucosysltransferase from Potato
by Kent F. McCue et al. [ View PDF| 418 KB]

Phenotype Analysis of Kazak Dandelion Root Tissues from the National Plant Germplasm System Collection
by Lawrence Rawlins et al. [ View PDF| 158 KB]

Guayule Resin Detection and Influence on Guayule Rubber by Bruna N. Nepomuceno et al. [view PDF| 2.8 MB]

Maintenance of Guayule in Tissue Culture by Trinh Huynh et al. [ View PDF| 2.2 MB]

Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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