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National Small Grains Collection

Barley Genetic Stock Collection

The Barley Genetic Stock Collection consists of over 2,000 accessions collected worldwide. The accessions are entered as GSHO (genetic stock of Hordeum) on the GRIN database. Each stock or accession has a GSHO number (GSHO 1 through 3596) with a brief description and seed availability. BGS (barley genetic stock) designations used by previous researchers also have been included. Part of the barley genetic stock collection was published with detailed descriptions in the Barley Genetics Newsletter Vol. 26, 1996 by U. Lundqvist, J. D. Franckowiak and T. Konishi. The authors used BGS designations with the corresponding GSHO number.

Ninety-four Oregon Wolfe Barley Genetic Stocks (OWB) developed by Dr. Patrick Hayes at the Oregon State University are also included (GSHO 3325 to 3418). Description of the stocks can be found at the Oregon State University website.*

A barley aneuploid collection is also available. It consists of seven primary trisomics (trisomic for chromosome 1 through trisomic for chromosome 7); eleven telosomic trisomics including telosomic trisomic for 1S (7HS), 1L (7HL), 2S (2HS), 2L (2HL), 3S (3HS), 3L (3HL), 4L (4HL), 5S (1HS), 5L (1HL), 6S (6HS), and 7S (5HS); five acrosomic trisomics: 1L1S (7HL7HS), 4L4S (4HL4HS), 5S5L (1HS1HL), 6S6L (6HS6HL), and 7S7L (5HS5HL). The aneuploid accessions have not been entered into the GRIN data base. Seed can be obtained by contacting or

Wheat Genetic Stock Collection

Part of the E. R. Sears Wheat Genetic Stock Collection was transferred to the USDA-ARS National Small Grains Germplasm Research Facility at Aberdeen, Idaho in 1995. Data has been entered in the GRIN system as GSTR (genetic stock of Triticum). These stocks consist of various aneuploids of 'Chinese Spring' wheat, including:

1. Monosomic
    GSTR 1 to GSTR 21

2. Ditelosomic
    GSTR 22 to GSTR 56

3. Nullisomic-tetrasomic
    GSTR 57 to GSTR 90

4. Nullisomic
    GSTR 91 to GSTR 99

5. Ditelomonotelosomic
    GSTR 100 to GSTR 145

6. Double ditelosomic
    GSTR 146 to GSTR 166

7. Double monotelosomic
    GSTR 167 to GSTR 187

8. Tetrasomic
    GSTR 188 to GSTR 207

9. Trisomic
    GSTR 208 to GSTR 223

10. Tetrasomic substitution
     ('Red Egyptian', 'Hope', 'Timstein' and 'Thatcher') GSTR 224 to GSTR 302

11. Alien addition and substitution
     (Agropyron, Aegilops speltoides, Ae. umbellulata, Haynaldia and miscellaneous substitutions)
     GSTR 303 to GSTR 323

12. Translocation
     GSTR 324 to GSTR 326

13. Monoisosomic
     GSTR 327 TO GSTR 330


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