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LabTech at Home

A virtual environment of LabTech in Your Life. Visitors can explore the familiar setting of a home and discover successfully commercialized Federal technologies that are now commonly used household items. Each of the technologies represent years of Federal laboratory R&D and demonstrate successful partnerships in a wide range of scientific areas. USDA-ARS has nine technologies scattered throughout the house. Take the time to explore the house and discover how ARS research impacts your everyday life, click here




Long-Term, Agro-Ecosystem Research (LTAR) Network

Data & Software

Field Day 2017 Research Reports

USDA Branded Food Product Database

Food Safety Technologies

Thanksgiving Dinner

Industry Day Flyer, FLC MA, Lower Shore May 7, 2019

Industry Day Flyer, FLC MA, Upper Shore May 22, 2019

Scientists who have submitted their first invention disclosure 2018

Scientists who have submitted an invention disclosure 2018

Scientists who have received patents 2018

Classic Swine Fever CRADA Opportunity

Thanksgiving Dinner mp4


Tech Transfer (TT) at a Glance

2017 Tech Transfer Snap Shot


SBIR-ARS Collaboration


Business Resources


Innovation Fund Announcement

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/ARSUserFiles/01090000/Model Application.pdf


/ARSUserFiles/01090000/Innovation Fund FAQs.docx


Application for Innovation Fund


How to Fill Out the Application



Round 1 Winners                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Round 2 Winners


Round 3 Winners


Round 4 Winners


Round 5 Winners


Round 6 Winners


ARP Network Notes

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National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research (NCAUR)


NCAUR Pilot Plant Brochure

ARS Culture Collection


Southern Regional Research Center (SRRC)


/ARSUserFiles/01090000/SRRC Pilot Plant Brochure.pdf

SRRC Impact


Western Regional Research Center (WRRC)




Eastern Regional Research Center (ERRC)


/ARSUserFiles/01090000/ERRC Pilot Plant.pdf


American Chemical Society Historical Award- Discovery of Phytochrome

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ARP Network


Value Added Technologies


FLC Awards



FY15 & 16 Issued Patents

/ARSUserFiles/01090000/Issued Patents FY2015-2016.xlsx


Plant Introduction & Breeding






Tech Transfer Success Stories





Human Nutrition Post


ARS Plant Brochures


Super Bowl Turf Grass


Carolina Strongback Watermelon Rootstock