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New Uses for Grain Sorghum
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Objective: USDA-ARS is currently looking for an industrial partner to assist with a research project to help understand how sorghum functions in foods; and to work with industry to develop sorghum-based, gluten-free food products for commercial use.

Overview: The research will focus on producing sorghum-based snack foods, noodles, pasta, waffles, and prepared flour mixes. As more knowledge is gained about the functionality of sorghum in foods, the researchers plan to expand the project to include other foods such as breads.

Industry Type: The ideal partner would have expertise in manufacturing and marketing snack foods, noodles, and pasta, and be interested in supporting the project both intellectually and financially.

Where: Northern Plains Area; USDA-ARS Grain Marketing and Production Research Center in Manhattan, Kansas.

Laboratory Mission: The mission of the Grain Marketing and Production Research Center is to solve problems relating to grain conservation, production, harvesting, storage, marketing and use. Research emphasizes maximizing nutritional value, consumer acceptance, and end-use performance, while conserving resources and maintaining overall quality during handling, conditioning, and storage. Major research focuses on wheat, sorghum, and corn; other investigations include rice, barley, oats, soybeans, and triticale.

If your company is interested in learning more about this opportunity contact our regional technology transfer coordinator:

Bryan Kaphammer
1201 Oakridge Drive, Suite 150
Fort Collins, CO 80525-5562