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Forming Partnerships
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This set of 2 page documents provides guidance, strategies, and a roadmap to the process for formal and informal partnerships with businesses.  They provide the rationale for working with industry and strategically address the programmatic, business, ethical, and political issues that underlie close interactions between a Federal research agency and the interests of a for-profit organization.  It is hoped that articulating the issues and resolving solutions will provide a safe framework to stimulate ARS-industry partnerships.  These are not policies and procedures documents and will not attempt to detail the minutiae of agreements, technology transfer, programmatic review, or other such processes, but will refer to such documents as needed.

How Do I Plan My Research So I am Best Prepared for a Partnership

ARS Industry Partnerships Overview

Principles Underlying the Role and Function of External Funding

How Do I Stay Out of Trouble

Guiding Principles for ARS-Industry Partnerships

What Can ARS and a Company Each Bring to the Table