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Broad Spectrum Natural Herbicide
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Objective: ARS is currently looking for an industrial partner to assist in the development and commercialization of a broad spectrum, natural herbicide.


Overview: We hope to find a natural source of compounds that might be a used as a herbicide.  Potential herbicides will be derived by bioassay-guided isolation of active compounds.  The projected end product will be a one or more herbicidal compounds.


Related Technology: The only technology that is similar is L-phosphinotrhicin, the natural compound on which the synthetic herbicide glufosinate is based.


Industry Type: We are looking for a commercial partner that wishes to explore innovative technologies to provide us with a natural source of a herbicide that is similar in potency to synthetic herbicides.  The ideal partner will be able to provide a readily available source of such material and provide testing of any compounds derived from this source.


Where:  Natural Products Utilization Research Unit located in Oxford, MS.


Laboratory Mission: The mission of the Natural Products Utilization Research Unit is to develop natural products for uses in agriculture in order to produce more toxicologically benign pest management tools and to improve the nutriceutical value of crops.  A secondary mission is to do fundamental research to aid in the development of alternative crops for production of pharmaceuticals and botanical supplements.


If your company is interested in learning more about this opportunity contact our regional Technology Transfer Coordinator.


Don Nordlund


P.O. Box 5677

Athens GA 30604-5677

Phone:  706-546-3496

FAX:  706-546-3401