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Beverage from Pulse Legumes
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Objective:  USDA-ARS is currently looking for companies with expertise in food ingredient manufacturing and food product development. 


Overview:  ARS researchers in California have developed a way to produce legume-based flours and powders using both conventional and non-conventional ingredients.  This food processing technology can be used to produce pulse legumes, pulse legume based flours and protein powers directly and/or as nano particles suspended in liquid to form beverages.   This technology could be used to make a line of nutritional or functional food products.  Lactose and diary-free beverages, such as grain-based products, like soy, are experiencing considerable demand as an increasing number of consumers and children develop intolerance to lactose-based products.  Likewise, many consumers are interested in the health benefits of whole grain foods.  Pulse legumes (such as dry peas, dry beans, lentil, and garbanzo beans) and proteins (concentrates or isolates) have similar amino acid profiles.  These proteins have not been used for the production of nutrition vegetarian beverages.  Additionally, pulse legume and pulse legume based flours are high in dietary fibers, phytonutrients (anthocyanins, phenolic compounds and carotenoids) and can be suspended in liquid to form novel, nutritional grain-based beverages.  This technology could open international markets for an underutilized commodity.  Additionally, new markets for lactose and dairy-free, nutritional and healthy vegetarian and grain based beverages will benefit the heal status of consumers.   


Industry Type:  The ideal partner will have expertise in developing sports drinks and nutritional drink supplements, and the ability to contribute both intellectually and financially to the project.


Where:  USDA-ARS, Pacific West Area; WesternRegionalResearchCenter, Processed Food Research in Albany, California.


Laboratory Mission:  To enhance marketability and healthfulness of agricultural commodities through processing and biotechnology.  Cereal grains, legumes and economically important fruits and vegetables are the focus of this research. Both fundamental and applied research approaches are used to solve problems and develop new value-added products which will benefit the consumer, producer, economy and environment. Fundamental food properties, nutritional attributes and consumer preferences are important considerations. Research approaches are multidisciplinary and are integrated with other ARS programs. Several aspects of the program respond to the needs of Action Agencies. The unit works closely with many outside partners including commodity organizations, universities and industrial companies to transfer technologies that are developed into commercialization.   


If your company is interested in learning more about this opportunity, contact our regional Technology Transfer Coordinator:


David R. Nicholson

USDA, ARS, PacificWest Area

800 Buchanan Street, Room 3008

Albany, CA  94710



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