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Project Plan Information
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Project Plans

Project plans describe a project's objectives, including HOW, WHEN and BY WHOM they are to be met. The project plan must stand on its own, and should convey how the work relates to other similar projects in the same National Program, and how it may relate to a minority-coded project in the same Management Unit. The plan should be clear and well organized; 15 to 30 pages (depending on the number of scientists assigned to the project) are sufficient if written concisely. Typos, omissions, and sentence fragments suggest a lack of concern and may result in a low score. Make the plan easy to read, with a consistent 'message' from beginning to end.

The primary responsibility for a high quality project plan is shared between the Research Leader and the Scientists.

ARS Project Plan Outline.

Examples of Successful Plans

Project Plan Instructions and Format

Editorial Checklist and Components and Tips for Project Plans

Letters of Collaboration

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