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Dates are estimated, and provided here for your convenience.

Please confirm dates with the appropriate Area or Headquarters office. The "Plan to Area" dates are set by the Areas. OSQR sets 'Plan to OSQR', and Review start and end dates; all other dates are set or coordinated via the Office of National Programs. New or substantially changed research plans developed and submitted for review after their National Program review cycle is completed and prior to the "Ad Hoc Cutoff" date, will go through the next Ad Hoc review session. Such plans submitted for review after the "Ad Hoc Cutoff" date will follow the next regular review cycle for their National Program. More information on setting dates can be found at Directions for Setting Dates. If you need additional assistance, contact OSQR at

To see the OSQR schedule by program and review cycle, click here.

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  • APP

    NP Area NP/ Cycle NP Name Ad Hoc Cutoff Concur Memo to AD PDRAM COI to OSQR Plan to Area Plan to ONP ONP Validated Plan to OSQR Reviews Start Reviews End Imple- ment Term- inate
    Task Due Date
    Ad Hoc Cutoff 14-Sep-2019
    Concurrence Memo to AD 20-Aug-2021
    PDRAM 03-Sep-2021
    COIs to OSQR 17-Sep-2021
    Plans to Area 26-Nov-2021
    Plans to ONP 07-Jan-2022
    ONP Validates 04-Feb-2022
    Plans to OSQR 04-Mar-2022
    Review Period Start 05-Mar-2022
    Review Period End 03-Jul-2022
    Implementation 01-Sep-2022
    Termination 27-Feb-2028

    Task Due Date
    Ad Hoc Cutoff 28-Nov-2018
    Concurrence Memo to AD 03-Nov-2020
    PDRAM 17-Nov-2020
    COIs to OSQR 01-Dec-2020
    Plans to Area 09-Feb-2021
    Plans to ONP 23-Mar-2021
    ONP Validates 20-Apr-2021
    Plans to OSQR 18-May-2021
    Review Period Start 19-May-2021
    Review Period End 16-Sep-2021
    Implementation 15-Nov-2021
    Termination 13-May-2027

    Task Due Date
    Ad Hoc Cutoff 30-Sep-2016
    Concurrence Memo to AD 06-Sep-2018
    PDRAM 20-Sep-2018
    COIs to OSQR 04-Oct-2018
    Plans to Area 13-Dec-2018
    Plans to ONP 24-Jan-2019
    ONP Validates 21-Feb-2019
    Plans to OSQR 21-Mar-2019
    Review Period Start 22-Mar-2019
    Review Period End 20-Jul-2019
    Implementation 18-Sep-2019
    Termination 15-Mar-2025

    Task Due Date
    Ad Hoc Cutoff 24-Dec-2016
    Concurrence Memo to AD 30-Nov-2018
    PDRAM 14-Dec-2018
    COIs to OSQR 28-Dec-2018
    Plans to Area 08-Mar-2019
    Plans to ONP 19-Apr-2019
    ONP Validates 17-May-2019
    Plans to OSQR 14-Jun-2019
    Review Period Start 15-Jun-2019
    Review Period End 13-Oct-2019
    Implementation 12-Dec-2019
    Termination 08-Jun-2025


    Task Due Date
    Ad Hoc Cutoff 11-Feb-2020
    Concurrence Memo to AD 17-Jan-2022
    PDRAM 31-Jan-2022
    COIs to OSQR 14-Feb-2022
    Plans to Area 25-Apr-2022
    Plans to ONP 06-Jun-2022
    ONP Validates 04-Jul-2022
    Plans to OSQR 01-Aug-2022
    Review Period Start 02-Aug-2022
    Review Period End 30-Nov-2022
    Implementation 29-Jan-2023
    Termination 26-Jul-2028

    Task Due Date
    Ad Hoc Cutoff 13-Mar-2020
    Concurrence Memo to AD 17-Feb-2022
    PDRAM 03-Mar-2022
    COIs to OSQR 17-Mar-2022
    Plans to Area 26-May-2022
    Plans to ONP 07-Jul-2022
    ONP Validates 04-Aug-2022
    Plans to OSQR 01-Sep-2022
    Review Period Start 02-Sep-2022
    Review Period End 31-Dec-2022
    Implementation 01-Mar-2023
    Termination 26-Aug-2028

    Task Due Date
    Ad Hoc Cutoff 14-Apr-2020
    Concurrence Memo to AD 21-Mar-2022
    PDRAM 04-Apr-2022
    COIs to OSQR 18-Apr-2022
    Plans to Area 27-Jun-2022
    Plans to ONP 08-Aug-2022
    ONP Validates 05-Sep-2022
    Plans to OSQR 03-Oct-2022
    Review Period Start 04-Oct-2022
    Review Period End 01-Feb-2023
    Implementation 02-Apr-2023
    Termination 27-Sep-2028

    Task Due Date
    Ad Hoc Cutoff 23-Mar-2019
    Concurrence Memo to AD 26-Feb-2021
    PDRAM 12-Mar-2021
    COIs to OSQR 26-Mar-2021
    Plans to Area 04-Jun-2021
    Plans to ONP 16-Jul-2021
    ONP Validates 13-Aug-2021
    Plans to OSQR 10-Sep-2021
    Review Period Start 11-Sep-2021
    Review Period End 09-Jan-2022
    Implementation 10-Mar-2022
    Termination 05-Sep-2027

    Task Due Date
    Ad Hoc Cutoff 25-Jul-2017
    Concurrence Memo to AD 01-Jul-2019
    PDRAM 15-Jul-2019
    COIs to OSQR 29-Jul-2019
    Plans to Area 07-Oct-2019
    Plans to ONP 18-Nov-2019
    ONP Validates 16-Dec-2019
    Plans to OSQR 13-Jan-2020
    Review Period Start 14-Jan-2020
    Review Period End 13-May-2020
    Implementation 12-Jul-2020
    Termination 07-Jan-2026

    Task Due Date
    Ad Hoc Cutoff 12-Sep-2017
    Concurrence Memo to AD 19-Aug-2019
    PDRAM 02-Sep-2019
    COIs to OSQR 16-Sep-2019
    Plans to Area 25-Nov-2019
    Plans to ONP 06-Jan-2020
    ONP Validates 03-Feb-2020
    Plans to OSQR 02-Mar-2020
    Review Period Start 03-Mar-2020
    Review Period End 01-Jul-2020
    Implementation 30-Aug-2020
    Termination 25-Feb-2026

    Task Due Date
    Ad Hoc Cutoff 14-Dec-2016
    Concurrence Memo to AD 20-Nov-2018
    PDRAM 04-Dec-2018
    COIs to OSQR 18-Dec-2018
    Plans to Area 26-Feb-2019
    Plans to ONP 09-Apr-2019
    ONP Validates 07-May-2019
    Plans to OSQR 04-Jun-2019
    Review Period Start 05-Jun-2019
    Review Period End 03-Oct-2019
    Implementation 02-Dec-2019
    Termination 29-May-2025


    Task Due Date
    Ad Hoc Cutoff 11-Mar-2016
    Concurrence Memo to AD 15-Feb-2018
    PDRAM 01-Mar-2018
    COIs to OSQR 15-Mar-2018
    Plans to Area 24-May-2018
    Plans to ONP 05-Jul-2018
    ONP Validates 02-Aug-2018
    Plans to OSQR 30-Aug-2018
    Review Period Start 31-Aug-2018
    Review Period End 29-Dec-2018
    Implementation 27-Feb-2019
    Termination 24-Aug-2024

    Task Due Date
    Ad Hoc Cutoff 12-Apr-2016
    Concurrence Memo to AD 19-Mar-2018
    PDRAM 02-Apr-2018
    COIs to OSQR 16-Apr-2018
    Plans to Area 25-Jun-2018
    Plans to ONP 06-Aug-2018
    ONP Validates 03-Sep-2018
    Plans to OSQR 01-Oct-2018
    Review Period Start 02-Oct-2018
    Review Period End 30-Jan-2019
    Implementation 31-Mar-2019
    Termination 25-Sep-2024

    Task Due Date
    Ad Hoc Cutoff 22-Feb-2018
    Concurrence Memo to AD 29-Jan-2020
    PDRAM 12-Feb-2020
    COIs to OSQR 26-Feb-2020
    Plans to Area 06-May-2020
    Plans to ONP 17-Jun-2020
    ONP Validates 15-Jul-2020
    Plans to OSQR 12-Aug-2020
    Review Period Start 13-Aug-2020
    Review Period End 11-Dec-2020
    Implementation 09-Feb-2021
    Termination 07-Aug-2026

    Task Due Date
    Ad Hoc Cutoff 13-Apr-2017
    Concurrence Memo to AD 20-Mar-2019
    PDRAM 03-Apr-2019
    COIs to OSQR 17-Apr-2019
    Plans to Area 26-Jun-2019
    Plans to ONP 07-Aug-2019
    ONP Validates 04-Sep-2019
    Plans to OSQR 02-Oct-2019
    Review Period Start 03-Oct-2019
    Review Period End 31-Jan-2020
    Implementation 31-Mar-2020
    Termination 26-Sep-2025

    Task Due Date
    Ad Hoc Cutoff 24-May-2017
    Concurrence Memo to AD 30-Apr-2019
    PDRAM 14-May-2019
    COIs to OSQR 28-May-2019
    Plans to Area 06-Aug-2019
    Plans to ONP 17-Sep-2019
    ONP Validates 15-Oct-2019
    Plans to OSQR 12-Nov-2019
    Review Period Start 13-Nov-2019
    Review Period End 12-Mar-2020
    Implementation 11-May-2020
    Termination 06-Nov-2025


    Task Due Date
    Ad Hoc Cutoff 09-Feb-2019
    Concurrence Memo to AD 15-Jan-2021
    PDRAM 29-Jan-2021
    COIs to OSQR 12-Feb-2021
    Plans to Area 23-Apr-2021
    Plans to ONP 04-Jun-2021
    ONP Validates 02-Jul-2021
    Plans to OSQR 30-Jul-2021
    Review Period Start 31-Jul-2021
    Review Period End 28-Nov-2021
    Implementation 27-Jan-2022
    Termination 25-Jul-2027

    Task Due Date
    Ad Hoc Cutoff 15-Aug-2018
    Concurrence Memo to AD 21-Jul-2020
    PDRAM 04-Aug-2020
    COIs to OSQR 18-Aug-2020
    Plans to Area 27-Oct-2020
    Plans to ONP 08-Dec-2020
    ONP Validates 05-Jan-2021
    Plans to OSQR 02-Feb-2021
    Review Period Start 03-Feb-2021
    Review Period End 03-Jun-2021
    Implementation 02-Aug-2021
    Termination 28-Jan-2027

    Task Due Date
    Ad Hoc Cutoff 06-Feb-2016
    Concurrence Memo to AD 12-Jan-2018
    PDRAM 26-Jan-2018
    COIs to OSQR 09-Feb-2018
    Plans to Area 20-Apr-2018
    Plans to ONP 01-Jun-2018
    ONP Validates 29-Jun-2018
    Plans to OSQR 27-Jul-2018
    Review Period Start 28-Jul-2018
    Review Period End 25-Nov-2018
    Implementation 24-Jan-2019
    Termination 21-Jul-2024

    Task Due Date
    Ad Hoc Cutoff 09-Oct-2020
    Concurrence Memo to AD 15-Sep-2022
    PDRAM 29-Sep-2022
    COIs to OSQR 13-Oct-2022
    Plans to Area 22-Dec-2022
    Plans to ONP 02-Feb-2023
    ONP Validates 02-Mar-2023
    Plans to OSQR 30-Mar-2023
    Review Period Start 31-Mar-2023
    Review Period End 29-Jul-2023
    Implementation 27-Sep-2023
    Termination 24-Mar-2029

    Ad Hoc Review Sessions

    Task Due Date
    Concurrence Memo to AD 17-Nov-2017
    PDRAM 01-Dec-2017
    COIs to OSQR 15-Dec-2017
    Plans to Area 23-Feb-2018
    Plans to ONP 06-Apr-2018
    ONP Validates 04-May-2018
    Plans to OSQR 01-Jun-2018
    Review Period Start 02-Jun-2018
    Review Period End 30-Sep-2018
    Implementation 29-Nov-2018
    Termination 26-May-2024

    Task Due Date
    Concurrence Memo to AD 18-May-2018
    PDRAM 01-Jun-2018
    COIs to OSQR 15-Jun-2018
    Plans to Area 24-Aug-2018
    Plans to ONP 05-Oct-2018
    ONP Validates 02-Nov-2018
    Plans to OSQR 30-Nov-2018
    Review Period Start 01-Dec-2018
    Review Period End 31-Mar-2019
    Implementation 30-May-2019
    Termination 24-Nov-2024