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CRIS Search
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What are we required to list from a CRIS Search?

This question, or a version of it, comes up frequently.  There is no such section in a plan as "CRIS Search." Rather, this is a potential part of the section entitled "Related Research (see page 12 of the OSQR Handbook). As noted there, the purpose of this section is that it "...shows the relationship of the research to other efforts within and outside USDA." (emphasis added).  The point is to show reviewers how your work complements other work. With regard to items that are revealed by a CRIS search the point is to show that you are aware of this work and that you are not simply doing the same thing.  So good to show what that work is and how it differs or enhances the current work. The same is true if there is a large university-based or other project of which you are aware. Reviewers often see two or more projects that seemingly address the same thing and their logical questions are: "how do these differ?" or "why are they doing the same thing?" One of the goals of this section is to address that. So should you list a related project that will end before yours begins? If you think knowing about it provides reviewers with a clearer picture of how your work fits within the breadth of other similar work, you should. But the final decision is up to you.


CRIS Search