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Management Directive 715 (MD-715)
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 Office of Outreach, Diversity, and Equal Opportunity (ODEO)

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Management Directive 715 (MD-715)

The Management Directive 715 (MD-715) provides a roadmap comprised of six elements for creating effective equal employment opportunity (EEO) programs for all Federal employees. The MD-715 also provides a summary of challenges that we face in attaining the status of a model EEO agency. Click here for an overview.

The FY 2022 Executive Summary of the ARS MD-715 highlights the ARS workforce (including the breakdown of EEO groups - race and national origin/gender/disability status), occupational categories, and grades compared to the U.S. Civilian Labor Force; ARS' deficiencies as it relates to the requirements for a "model EEO Program" and barriers that ARS has identified regarding the employment of minorities, females, and persons with disabilities. To view the 2022 ARS Affirmative Action Plan click here.

Contact your Area Outreach, Diversity, and Equal Opportunity (ODEO) Program Manager for information regarding the Area's MD-715. Information regarding the Headquarters MD-715 or the ARS report can be provided by the ARS ODEO.

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