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Cooperative Resolution Program Benefits
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The mission of CRP is to provide both proactive and preventative dispute resolution services to all REE Mission Area employees.  Our Program experience shows that the various ADR services we offer for preventing and resolving conflicts have many benefits including:

•• Time and $$$$ savings
•• No admission of guilt or fault by parties
•• Confidentiality
•• Improved working relationships
•• Parties retain decision making authority
•• Faster resolution of issues (than by the traditional processes)
•• Third-Party Neutral (Mediator/Facilitator)

Workplace disputes can also be directly referred to CRP by managers or supervisors. We encourage referrals to resolve conflict through early intervention, believing that this offers the best opportunity for a lasting resolution.  Most disputes can also be referred to the CRP from the traditional dispute resolution processes, such as, informal and formal EEO Complaints and/or administrativegrievances. An employee does not forfeit their right to seek redress through the more traditional processes by seeking early resolution of workplace disputes through ADR.  However, employees must still meet the required timeframes associated with them.  ADR is also offered throughout both of these traditional processes to assist parties seeking to resolve workplace conflict.  As both a proactive and preventative measure we strongly encourage employees to use the program before filing an EEO complaint or grievance.