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OIRP Contacts
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Office of International Research Programs
Bryan Norrington Norrington, Bryan
5601 Sunnyside Avenue
GWCC 4-1139

The mission of the ARS Office of International Research Programs is to enhance the productivity, effectiveness, and impact of the ARS National Programs through mutually beneficial international activities.

  National Programs
    Office of International Research Programs
Chung, Bongnam
(301) 504-4881

Collaborator - Rural Development Administration, South Korea
Martha, Geraldo
(301) 504-4556

Collaborator - Embrapa, Brazil
McFadden, Ashley
(301) 504-4542

Program Support Assistant (Office Automation)
Moore, Ryan
Western Hemisphere / Oceania
(301) 504-4535

International Affairs Specialist - Western Hemisphere and Oceania
Norrington, Bryan
(301) 504-4545

Santos, Irlene
Sub-Saharan Africa
(301) 504-4546

International Affairs Specialist
Shekailo, John
Middle East / North Africa
(301) 504-3274

International Affairs Specialist
Witting, Marcella
Europe and Asia
(301) 504-4772

International Affairs Specialist
Woodward-Greene, Jennifer
(301) 504-4543

Science Advisor
Wran, Tanya
(301) 504-3253

Management & Program Analyst