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ASCPC Workshop Details

Pioneering New Value from Sugar Crops

ASCPC is offering a half-day workshop for stakeholders and researchers to gain new ideas and invaluable understanding on some fundamental, critical developments on the "Pioneering New Value from Sugar Crops".

Starch in the sugar and biochemical industry is a double-edged sword. For sugar manufacturing, it represents an impurity that results in costly losses to production and profits; whereas, for the biochemical industry it is a possible untapped resource of fermentable sugars.  This workshop is aimed to provide you with an updated overview and a solid working knowledge of starch, its affect on sugar crop processing and conversion, and how to make "starch" work for you. Attendees will learn useful information on the ins and outs of starch in sugar and biochemical manufacturing, including but not limited to these areas of discussion:

  • What is starch and what does it mean to my industry?
  • What are the different physical types of starch?
  • How does starch affect processing and conversion in different industries
  • What are the research and industrial methods currently available to measure starch?
  • What processing aids and/or processes are available for starch control and utilization?

Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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