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Oral Presentation Session Guidelines

All PC and Apple (Mac) users, please develop PowerPoint presentations using Windows version 2000 or later or XP.


Please keep animations, sounds, video, and/or special graphics to a minimum and only use if it is essential to the presentation.


Prior to each Technical Session, the facilitators will have presentations already loaded onto the session computer. To ensure this, please submit your presentation to the Program Chairperson before the ASCPC Conference to allow ample time to pre-load the presentation onto the respective computer.

Please email your presentation to by Thursday, March 1, 2016 and await confirmation contact the Program Chairperson. If it has been longer than 2 business days, please contact the Program Chairperson. If your presentation has not been received by the Program Chairperson by March 1, 2016, it may not be ready for the conference.


Be sure to have a copy of your presentation at the ASCPC meeting using a USB drive or a CD.


The use of computers other than those provided by ASCPC is NOT allowed.


Technical Session Equipment

The technical session meeting room will be equipped with the following: