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Advances in Sugar Crop Processing and Conversion (ASCPC) will focus on sugar products and technologies that have specific applications in sugar and specialty chemical manufacturing markets.


The conference objective is to exchange information on new sugar crop commodities, process development, and conversion technologies, as well as to promote the use of sugar crops (sugarcane, sweet sorghum, and sugar/energy beet) as a sustainable renewable resource for processing and conversion into food, energy, and chemicals.


"ASCPC" covers a diverse range of research areas:


The goal of this conference is to improve the quality and use of agricultural sugar commodities and the sustainability of these industries by providing a platform for stakeholders and industry leaders to liaise directly with USDA-ARS and other technical leaders, and to report research and recent developments that benefit the sugarcane, sweet sorghum, sugar beet, and energy beets industries.


ASCPC Conference Registration:

Abstracts for posters currently being accepted.  Send to:

Isabel Lima at

Phone +1 (504) 286-4511