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Jennifer Woodward-Greene at the World Bank 


Jennifer Woodward-Greene, OIRP, Speaks at the World Bank on Cell Phone Technology Development and One Health in Conjunction with the US - Africa Leaders Summit

August 7, 2014. Jennifer Woodward-Greene of the ARS Office of International Research Programs (OIRP) served as a panelist for a discussion at the World Bank in Washington, DC at the invitation of State Department. The panel, "The Economic Benefits of Multisectoral Approaches to Domestic Animal - Wildlife - Human Health in Africa", was a State Department 'unofficial side event' in conjunction with President Obama's African Leaders Summit held in Washington, DC that week. Policy and technical experts attending the summit were invited to the discussion, which addressed the economic benefits of a "one health" approach to infectious disease surveillance and prevention.  The panel was hosted by the State Department's International Health and Biodefense Office in the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs and The World Bank.  The invitation was extended based on Woodward-Greene's collaborative work on a USAID / USDA Feed the Future Project, "Livestock Improvement in Sub-Saharan Africa", in collaboration with George Mason University.  Her work is focused on Sub-Saharan African goat smallholders to develop software using existing computer / mobile technology and networks for collecting, assessing, and sharing animal phenotype and health status. 

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