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Joint Research Grants Awarded to ARS and Egyptian Researchers, February 2015

Two ARS researchers and their Egyptian counterparts were awarded Joint Research Grants by the U.S. - Egypt Science and Technology (S&T) Joint Fund: one project will study Rift Valley Fever in Egypt, and the other is focused on developing cryopreservation strategies for conserving grape genetic diversity. The fund will support a total of 15 projects selected by the US-Egypt Joint Board, which meets annually and is represented by six U.S. federal agencies (USDA, NSF, NIH, EPA, DOE, and NIST) and members of the Egyptian Science and Technology Development Fund (STDF). U.S. State Dept. representatives from Washington and Cairo lead the coordination of the U.S.-Egypt Science and Technology Initiative. The fund, established under the U.S. - Egypt Science & Technology Cooperative Agreement in 1995, has supported collaborations between over 600 US and Egyptian researchers since its inception.

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Last Modified: 12/20/2016
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