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ARS Office of International Research Programs (OIRP) Hosts USAID Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement in Research (PEER) Webinar, December 2014

Marcella Witting, ARS Office of International Research Programs (OIRP), Attends DC Interagency Discussion in Advance of the Joint Malaysia Committee on Science and Technology, December 2014

Mojdeh Bahar, ARS Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) and Marcella Witting ARS Office of International Research Programs (OIRP) Meet at the State Department for the  US - India Science and Technology Endowment Board (STEB) , December 2014

Melanie Peterson, ARS Office of International Research Programs Participates in USAID PREDICT (PREvent, Detect, ConTrol Pandemic Threats) Inter-Agency Briefing at the White House, December 2014

REE Undersecretary Cathy Woteki, ARS Delegation, US Government and World Food Center Representatives Discuss Food Safety Research and Regulation in China, December 2014

Joan Lunney, ARS Animal Parasitic Diseases Lab, hosts South Korean Scientists for Collaboration on PRRS (Porcine Respiratory and Reproductive Syndrome), December 2014

Ibrahim Shaqir, ARS OIRP Director, travels to Amman Jordan to speak at the Annual Coordination Meeting of the Water and Livelihoods Initiative (WLI), November 2014

Cyril Gay ONP NPL and Executive Secretary for the Global African Swine Fever Alliance (GARA) participated with the GARA board and others in organizing an international GARA meeting, hosted by the South African Agricultural Research Council (ARC), November 2014

When Herpes is a Good Thing- International Collaboration Explores Herpes Virus for Vaccine Delivery, October 2014

KeeKyung Kang, South Korean Rural Development Agency (RDA) Coordinator and John Shekailo of ARS OIRP arrange visit to ARS Headquarters and the University of Maryland for 16 RDA Extension Professionals, October 2014

ARS, USAID meet with the Interntional Institute of Tropical Agriculture in Tanzania to develop a joint project to sequence the Q-Type whitefly (B. tabaci) genome, to aid in reduction of brown streak virus in cassava, October 2014

John Shekailo, ARS OIRP, hosted Tunisian researchers working on the Water Livelihoods Initiative and ICARDA for a visit to ARS Headquarters and the Northeast and Northern Plains Areas, October 2014

Jennifer Woodward-Greene of ARS OIRP hosted 8 international scientists from several countries working in ARS labs on a visit to ARS Headquarters and the Northeast Area Beltsville Agriculture Research Center, October 2014

ARS OIRP Deputy Director Eileen Herrera serving as Secretariat of the US-European Commission Task Force on Biotechnology Research meet to develop 5-year plan, October 2014 

ARS Crops Genetics Research Unit develops new cotton varieties resistant to the serious northern Asian disease of cotton, the cotton curl leave virus, September 2014

Egypt's Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Adel El-Beltagy requests a meeting with ARS Administrator Jacobs-Young and other ARS officials to discuss collaboration, and the Foundation for Food and Agricultural Research (FFAR), September 2014

South Korean Rural Development Administration (RDA) and ARS Approve new RDA - ARS Virtual Lab (RAVL) to Study Poultry Health, September 2014

South Korean Rural Development Administration (RDA) and ARS Approve new RDA - ARS Virtual Lab (RAVL) to Study Wheat Gluten and Flour, September 2014

Rift Valley Fever (RVF) meeting in Arusha, Tanzania, September 2014

Chinese Ministry of Agriculture Visits ARS, September 2014

Jennifer Woodward-Greene, OIRP, Invited to USAID Frontiers in Development Forum - Ending Extreme Poverty, September 2014

ARS Knipling-Bushland US Livestock Insects Research Laboratory to Host Three Ukrainian Scientists, September 2014

Africa Open Data Jam to Develop Open Access Application for Africa, USDA Undersecretary Woteki Inspires with Speech on Global Open Data for Ag (GODAN), September 2014

LinShu Liu of ARS Eastern Regional Research Center Awarded Doctor Honoris Causa, August 2014

ARS Delegation Visits Embrapa Informatics and Satellite Monitoring in Brazil, August 2014

ARS and DHS Science and Technology Center of Excellence Institute for Infectious Diseases hosting South African Scientist for 17 Weeks, August 2014 

Jennifer Woodward-Greene, OIRP, Speaks at the World Bank on Cell Phone Technology Development and One Health in Conjunction with the US - Africa Leaders Summit, August 2014

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) / International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Regional Training Course on Fruit Fly Biocontrol in West Africa, August 2014

USAID Bureau of Food Security - ARS Whitefly Genome Project will Address Cassava Brown Streak Virus, August 2014

USDA National Animal Disease Center Hosts International Workshop for the Procinorte Animal Health Task Force, August 2014

ARS Bee Lab Entomologist Named 2014 Japanese Invitational Fellow, July 2014

ARS Receives Cotton Seeds from Uzbekistan for Analysis, July 2014

ARS Foreign Disease Research Scientists Conduct Foot and Mouth Disease Workshop in Africa, July 2014

12th USDA-MOST Joint Working Group Meeting on Agricultural Science and Technology, July 2014

African Goat Improvement Network (AGIN), a Feed the Future Project Workshop, June 2014

Collection of Rust and Ascochyta Blight Data on the Andean Diversity Panel in Tanzania, June 2014

Fellowship: Study Harmless Herpes Virus as Vehicle for Babesiosis Vaccine- Implications in Human HIV and Malaria Prevention, Summer 2014

New 3-Year Project with South Korea RDA on Porcine Reproductive & Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS), May 2014

US-India Science and Technology Endowment Board Meeting, May 2014

Biodiversity Forum in Bangkok Thailand, May 2014

USDA ARS European Biological Control Lab Co-Sponsors 4th International Symposium on Weeds and Invasive Plants, May 2014

USDA ARS co-chairs US - Uzbekistan Agriculture Working Group, May 2014

Water and Irrigation Efficiency through Science and Technology for the Middle East, April-May, 2014

Undersecretary Woteki addresses the Global Food Security Consortium and the Leroy & Barbara Everson Seed and Biosafety Symposium- "Closing the Yield Gap", April 2014

Bilateral Meetings on Agricultural Science and Technology Cooperative Programs with Taiwan, April 2014

US - Pakistan Wheat Productivity Enhancement Project, April 2014

Mexico Meetings on Potential Babesia Research, March 2014

Collaborative Disease Screening of the Andean Diversity Panel in South Africa, March 2014

USDA-ARS Develops Biological Controls to Bring Invasive Species into Balance, February 2014

USDA-ARS and Embrapa (Brazil) celebrate 15 years of Scientific Exchanges with LABEX Virtual Laboratory, January 2014

Inception Workshop for Improved Vaccines for the Control of East Coast Fever held in Kenya, January 2014

Uzbekistan-US project publish on enhancing cotton fiber in Nature Communications, January 2014

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