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US - Pakistan Wheat Productivity Enhancement Project

The ARS Office of International Research Programs (OIRP) is working with ARS researchers, (USDA) FAS, CIMMYT, and the USDA Office of Agricultural Affairs in Islamabad, Pakistan, to coordinate the US-Pakistan Wheat Productivity Enhancement Project. Dr. Kay Simmons, Deputy Administrator ARS Crop Production and Protection National Programs leads the project, which also  involves ARS researchers from St. Paul, Raleigh, Pullman, and Ft. Detrick working in collaboration with several counterpart institutions in Pakistan, CIMMYT, and FAS. Thanks to funds from the USAID mission in Pakistan (original budget $8M), ARS collaborated with Pakistan on several initiatives to identify different types of wheat diseases and rusts, particularly Ug99 stem rust, and has built capacity in Pakistan by providing critical equipment and training. ARS labs have hosted Pakistani students and researchers for research and training visits in support of this program. This project contributes to the work of the Borlaug Global Rust Initiative.

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