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ARS Scientists Phil Miklas and Timothy Porch visit Mozambique and Malawi to explore collaborations for bean research



Grain Legumes project, April 2014

ARS scientists Phil Miklas and Timothy Porch visited the National Program in Mozambique and the National Program, Bunda College, CIAT, and Africa Rising project in Malawi.  The pair investigated possible research collaborations to increase dry edible bean productivity in the region. The FtF team plans to collaborate in the Northern highlands of Mozambique to develop highly productive dry beans with ashy stem blight and terminal drought resistance for selection by the National Program.  They also developed a collaboration in Malawi to develop highly productive dry beans with heat, drought and ashy stem blight resistance. Most dry beans in both countries are produced without inputs and thus suffer from low soil fertility, drought, and disease. The ARS-FtF dry bean project is geared toward increasing dry bean productivity for low input agriculture systems in FtF countries.  A large population of dry bean lines (Andean Diversity Panel, or "Andean Bean Library") composed of large-seeded types that are preferred across Africa was planted in Mozambique and seed was provided to Bunda College in Malawi for planting next season. These trials will provide information on the major diseases and abiotic stresses present, and will allow for genetic study of the major constraints in the region. A headquarters for operations in Malawi with a post-doc level coordinator of activities would facilitate the work of FtF ARS bean dry bean researchers in the region.


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