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A graduate student collects data from a corn field at the USDA ARS Corn Host Plant Resistance Research Unit in Mississippi



Aflatoxin Genetic Resistance in Maize, September 2012

During the week of September 13 - 22, 2012, University of Wisconsin PhD student Pattama Hannok visited the USDA ARS Corn Host Plant Resistance Research Unit (CHPRRU) to learn about quantification of aflatoxin via the Vicam affinity column test and to phenotype and harvest her field evaluations with the help of the CHPRRU scientific team.  Pattama is doing her doctoral field work under Dr. Kevin Pixley, Director of the Consultive Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center or 'CIMMYT' Genetic Resources Program. 

She phenotyped the association mapping panel of maize lines developed by CIMMYT for various traits, including levels of aflatoxin contamination and ear rot by Aspergillus flavus.  This panel is being phenotyped in various locations, including at the USDA ARS CHPRRU field site at Mississippi State University as part of the US Feed the Future program.  Dr. Pixley also visited the CHPRRU for the first two days of Pattama's visit.   The visit and the association mapping panel will be used in the Feed the Future "Breeding and Mapping of Aflatoxin Genetic Resistance in Maize" project objective 1.4 to validate associations between DNA sequences and aflatoxin resistance in maize discovered by the CHPRRU.


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