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Palestinian Authority

The objective of this cooperative research project is to build on and enhance the outcomes of the Irrigation Management Information System (IMIS) project in Palestine and the United States.   The cooperating scientists will carry out research and other local and regional activities.  Researchers will study improved water management techniques to include determination of crop water requirements, irrigation scheduling, and micro-irrigation system operation, and continue to expand and implement the IMIS project inPalestine and theU.S.



Cooperative activities will focus on the following:


  • Establish IMIS research and demonstration sites that represent the local agricultural sector practices inPalestine. The system will be based on local meteorological data and field measured information inputs. 
  • Develop the physical infrastructure and information management tools for rapid dissemination of quality controlled and reliable irrigation scheduling data. 
  • Establish scheduling criteria for the unique variety of field, orchard, and vegetable crops grown in the project area, using Evapotranspiration (ET) estimation models and incorporating agronomic considerations.
  • Conduct regional collaborative research on measurement of crop water use and calculation of crop coefficients, and integration of the data into an effective IMIS for farmers and water managers.


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