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 North America

PROCINORTE is a Cooperative Program in Agricultural Research and Technology that facilitates cooperative actions of mutual interest to the three countries of Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture's (IICA's) Northern Region (Canada, United States and Mexico). PROCINORTE is a regional integration mechanism designed to facilitate institutional and technical cooperation between Canada, United States and Mexico on strategic topics of common interest in agricultural research.  Created in 1999 and sponsored by the IICA, PROCINORTE is the most recent of such sub-regional programs to have been developed, joining the group of sister PROCIs comprised of:  PROCISUR (Southern Cone), PROCITROPICOS (Amazon Basin), PROCIANDINO (Andean countries), PROCICARIBE (Caribbean Basin), and SICTA (Central America).


In February of 2008, the USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA-FAS) handed over responsibility and leadership of PROCINORTE to USDA-ARS-Office of International Research Programs.  As the lead Agency, ARS now has a seat on the Board of Directors filled by Dr. Caird Rexroad, Associate Administrator, formerly held by the FAS, Director, Trade and Scientific Capacity Building Division, Office of Capacity Building and Development.

Key Research Activities


Current Thematic Areas/Task Forces in PROCINORTE

(1)    Agricultural Libraries and Information Services

(2)    Plant Genetic Resources (pending a plan for 2011)

(3)    Tropical and Sub-Tropical Fruits

(4)    Plant Health (to be reconstituted in 2011)

(5)    Animal Health


PROCINORTE consists of a Board of Directors (BOD) that is comprised of an Executive Secretary provided by IICA, representatives from the three member countries, as well as IICA.  The Board of Directors meets once a year to define common research priorities and oversee the activities of the thematic Task Forces (TF).  TF members are technical experts who represent government research agencies in their respective fields and countries.  Every three years the USDA is responsible for organizing the annual BOD meeting, ARS will host the 2011 meeting in Washington DC.  The PROCINORTE budget is provided by IICA and is distributed 30% to the BOD and Secretariat and to the TF's. 

ARS participation in PROCINORTE

(1)    Agricultural Libraries and Information Services:  TF Leader- Maria Pisa, NAL-Associate Director for Public Services

(2)    Plant Health:  TF member- Deb Fravel, National Program Leader- Plant Health

(3)    Animal Health:  TF Leader- Eileen Thacker, National Program Leader- Animal Health

(4)    Tropical and Sub-tropical Fruits:  TF Member- Ricardo Goenaga, Research Leader- Tropical Agriculture Research Station, Mayaguez, PR

(5)    Plant Genetic Resources: TF Member-Peter Bretting, National Program Leader- Plant Germplasm and Genomes


Contact:Ryan Moore, International Affairs Specialist - Western Hemisphere and Oceania, USDA/Agricultural Research Service 


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