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US Institutions Receiving BARD Funding 2011 - 2016 


RED pins - ARS Labs, BLUE pins - other US Institutions, click upper left boxes to zoom.

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Israel - Binational Agricultural Research and Development (BARD) Fund

BARD is a competitive funding program for mutually beneficial, mission-oriented, strategic and applied research of agricultural problems, jointly conducted by American and Israeli scientists. Most BARD projects focus on increasing agricultural productivity, particularly in hot and dry climates, and emphasize plant and animal health, food quality and safety, and environmental issues. BARD also supports international workshops and fellowships for postdoctoral research, senior research scientists and graduate students. BARD is empowered to fund scientists affiliated with public or not-for-profit, private entities and to encourage the exchange of agricultural scientists, engineers or other agricultural experts.

For more information, please visit the BARD website.